Blockchain News: Crypto Future presents Rotharium Food Tracing!

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Crypto Future präsentiert Rotharium Food Tracing

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The Vienna-based IT service provider Crypto Future GmbH has presented its new revolutionary blockchain app "Rotharium Food Tracing" (R-Food) and the associated web platform to a broad public for the first time. The venue for this world premiere was the CIO Summit - the largest trade fair for IT management in Austria.

The R-Food (Rotharium Food Tracing) App is available for free from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The target group are small and large food producers (vegetables, fruits, dairy products, cereals, meat, fish, drinks, etc.). After logging in, they can create an operational profile within a few minutes. With a few clicks, the corresponding products can be defined and the individual product batches (market articles) can be put online.

Revolution - Use Blockchain without special IT skills

The collection of the product data or the creation of the blockchain entries for the product batches takes place directly on the smartphone or tablet. The creation of a product batch or forwarding to the Ethereum Blockchain Ecosystem can be carried out within ten seconds with the R-Food App. At the same time, R-Food does not require any special IT knowledge, which makes it very mobile and efficient. For example, you can create a blockchain entry and the associated QR codes directly at the production site - whether at the field, at the tractor, in the farm shop or in the packaging hall.

Food tracing for consumers

Consumers - regardless of the app - are able to access all product data via QR code scanner via smartphone or tablet. After scanning, the product is forwarded directly to the product batch. Block-verified operations also allow the blockchain entry to be checked. Alternatively, at, you can enter the Rotharium code additionally listed on the Rotharium Food Sticker and, in this way, also learn all the data about foods and their manufacturers. In the map on the website you can also find companies from their own environment and inform themselves about their products.

Rotharium Food Seal

Using the app (creating a company profile, placing products and batches online) is free. The QR code and Blockchain part for the product lots are included in the paid premium membership. If you want to become a premium member, you can contact the Crypto Future Team via [email protected] After activation, premium members have the opportunity to generate a QR code for their products, print them out and attach them to the products as stickers ("R-Food seal"). The products associated with the seal are stored counterfeit-proof and transparent in the Ethereum Blockchain.

In times of increased awareness of sustainability, Rotharium Food Siegel is a globally unique seal of quality that helps producers meet the high demands of their customers.

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