IONChain: The New Blockchain Era

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At the global level there is an almost centralized blockchain system, so now it is imperative to make that system back to what it was before without leaving aside the gains and benefits of both parties. That is why the IONChain project is born in Singapore, which talks about IOT infrastructure and has as its great contributions:

-Transactions of data
-circulation of data
-share data

This way you will establish an equality between the communication devices in the IoT network, no matter what device you are using. We can see it as a standardization of data interpretation, following the slogan "a device, a currency, a code".

Why do they carry that name?

Let's talk a little about the subject, and that is that the name IONChain if we separate it we have the word "ION" and that word part of the ionization and the Swedish Arrhenius was a great physicist who proposed the theory of ionization But at this point you will ask yourself what that event has to do with the effect of the project, and well I'll explain it to you.
The theory of ionization talks about how molecules and atoms are very close to being like ions, since the latter are fundamental particles in the formation of substances. That is why IONChain adopts this term, to be the living example of a link between IoT devices and P2P communications in a decentralized manner.
This game of words and definitions lead us to the point of analyzing that IONChain acted in the same way as a normal ion, serving as an integral element of an atom, where without it the atom was not an atom.


  • Disruption of the traditional IoT industry with the use of edge computing
  • Data security and privacy protection
  • Smart contract facilitates sharing economy
  • Improved Technical architecture
  • Economic model that will serve as an example

Impact on Industry

More than an impact, I would call it REVOLUTION. And this is due to the computer technology to be used through open platforms where networks, computing, applications and storage are integrated at the edge of the network.
IoT will represent the solution to the problems of the sector for terms of fast connection, application intelligence and security. It will be the closest thing to a bridge between physical entities and industrial connections, accessing by cloud the historical data of the perimeter layer.
The most important thing to highlight is the issue of security that is so important today, that is why IONChain focuses on ensuring the security of data and helps facilitate the circulation of data. In addition to encouraging the exchange of data, we can say that the real REVOLUTION is to break the barriers of the platform that we normally know, establishing a connection with the nodes of the IOT network of any kind.

IONChain ecosystem

IONChain being a service that meets the requirements of Edge computing makes it a system that can fully use the computation of network nodes, these being a connection requirement very close to the calculation and storage of the IoT devices that we have talked so much about.
The IONChain ecosystem is growing, betting on increasing the time efficiency of the IoT perception computing response process.
If we look at the IoT network with a magnifying glass we can see how there is a need to provide feedback to many application scenarios, serving as a solution the creative platform for these scenarios, although this will have a small effect on the cloud.
With the same order of ideas regarding the IONChain system, data security and privacy protection is a delicate thing in all platforms and always affects users, so the devices involved will collect data from companies and individuals. where it will be possible to use tracking information regarding those companies and individuals to have better information about the people involved in the business. In this way it seeks to reduce the concern of users.
It is important to note that this ecosystem model can be adapted to any field that an IoT network can cover the Chain will be reported in the future.

Combination between Edge Computing and the blockchain

As Edge Computing is an open network top technology, when combined with the blockchain, it makes the quality of an optimal service that seeks the maximum performance of its benefits and minimizes the threats to the smallest number to put aside the constant uncertainty of many users. on the platform. In this way, intelligent terminals that we are sure will attract the attention of many will be developed.
It is more than clear that the traditional architecture that is handled in the blockchain absolutely slows down all procedures, so by combining the innovative from Edge computing to the blockchain will be a change of 360 ° for good, by placing in the technological forefront the internet of vehicles and other areas of IoT.
This technology will undoubtedly put an end to the long-standing problems of the IoT industry leading to a significant evolution in data security and privacy. Users will be trained to feel they have control over their own data by setting a limit on who can access them.

IoT economy


Growing in mass adoption is a goal that many users put, IONChain gives you the opportunity to admit an exchange of data through transactions authorized in the operations, making smart contracts serve as personalized support and adaptable to any type of circumstance without stopping generating value in the decentralized network.
It is important to note that in this economy if you are not making use of the data, and you install smartlocks you can control who uses the parking space through an intelligent contract and be able to make transactions without human intervention.
In the same way, when completing the nodes and completing the transaction that is being done, they contact the users involved and calculate the benefits for their distribution following the IONC system and without the intervention of any bank through or through third parties. in this line of payment. In addition to that there will be no extra charge for the transaction.

A device, a code, a currency

At this point we see better reflected the impact that IONChain generates in the market and how those three words make the difference over the competition. This is where the word REVOLUVION sounds again in the blockchain market, where we already know that the product is willing to solve the different problems that the IoT network currently presents in terms of security, data circulation and data exchange.
The premise of "a device, a code, a currency" refers to the great ease of integration between devices offered by IONChain through Edge Computing technology, offering that each device can use a mining machine, also using IONChain so that that mining of good monetary benefits as a reward.

Global standard

From the point of view of the businesses to execute DAPP in the ION chain, the node that will work with the DAPP will receive the reward corresponding to the API consumption in execution. Following the incentive path, the digital currency will use 20% to incubate DAPP starting from IONChain, considering the power of the community around it.
At the end of the structure of the system, we will also work with the R & D of the commercial applications of DAPP. Leaving as a result community application with funds and technical support for the improvement of the tools.
We already talked about the devices working as mining machines, that is why IONChain offers IoT manufacturers to join with 25% of the total supply tokens obviously with all the parameters of safety, commitment and responsibility that had already been talked about and left reflected in the smart contracts.
If we determine all these steps as a standard pattern worldwide, it will be much easier to interact with all users regardless of geographical location or language, since it will join the same programming language and transaction system that will be the same from here to the China.


Case of use

Robert owns a company that is responsible for labeling water bottles of various brands and daily has control of batch production and codes but loses a lot of time calibrating the machines when you want to change the product code. That is why he thought of IONChain since it has CNC machines for production, and while it earns a few cents with the ION ecosystem, it also programs and maximizes production by synchronizing the devices with each other and getting CNC machines to automatically change the batch without need one hour of manual calibration.
This increases production numbers and reduces bottlenecks.


It's amazing how versatile IONChain can be to allow its users to earn different forms of earnings, although they choose the compensation for the intelligent calculation of contracts and the deployment of DAPP, if elected as board members, rate settlements, etc.
In addition to the great dynamism that presents to possible failures that make it almost impossible for a pirate attack. That is why here we have a great hybrid drawn from the merger between PoS and PoW to make value transfers and verification another level in terms of security and speed.



Roap Map










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