Goldilock: the solution to keep your digital data safe

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Have you ever wondered how you can change the way people handle their confidential digital data?

The answer is very simple since GOLDILOCK brings you a storage system that works in cold while you are not using the data.
GOLDILOCK guarantees access to your private data through a technology that is very different from IP, which has more secure layers of authentication than what you are conventionally used to.
Nobody is a secret the number of hacks that have been recorded over time in the Blockchain network, specifically with some cryptocurrencies. It is because of this problem that GOLDILOCK seeks to avoid any type of identity theft and hacking, so combining cold and hot storage will provide you with a better piece of mind.


While I was talking about the security of cold storage now mass adoption goes hand in hand with this issue as security and access to enhanced cryptocurrencies affects in a non-propitious way. This is because the user must be aware of the technology that is being used.


All systems have a pivot that allows everything to be articulated in the best way, and that is why AIRGAP will allow you as a remote user to control your security and storage keys in sensitive digital devices. This technology can also be used by institutions so that they can operate their storage data by remote control. AIRGAP can also be used in remote-controlled physical devices. Another important issue to consider with AIRGAP is that when it comes to the storage of data in wallets, they are stored offline.


GOLDILOCK chose to choose the best platform in the industry, and that is NEO.
Its versatility is since NEO will be the first Blockchain to integrate while others are halfway. In this way, NEO becomes the safest cryptocurrency on the market.
GOLDILOCK in turn will allow you to make transactions with tokens such as GAS, NEP-5 and for your position with NEO. In this way, we can see why GOLDILOCK chose NEO as its main platform.
The other crypto with the passing of the weeks will be coupled little by little to GOLDILOCK.



It is easier to understand the functioning of things if you give us an example of it, so I'll start by telling you how GOLDILOCK can be integrated into your day-to-day life.
If you are about to leave short or long term travel, GOLDILOCK is your best option since with this technology you do not have any worry at the time of missing any document in the trip since you will not need to take it away. Everything will be stored and protected in GOLDILOCK.
Computer hacking has always been a concern for insurance companies, and this is because insurers tend to be vulnerable because of the amount of personal information they manage that makes them easy prey for hackers. But currently the insurers that use GOLDILOCK are the pioneers in security, and this is mainly because all their data is not online.
For institutions, such as universities GOLDILOCK is also a good option since its main database is the gigantic information of its students, so GOLDILOCK would be perfect for those universities that are in favor of technology.

As a wallet you can also use it. You can now save your cryptocurrency without worrying about someone stealing your identity or losing your money. GOLDILOCK is the best option for cold storage that will make everything more versatile and easier for you.


Only the best are those who are part of this great team. Made up of the brightest minds on the market that will certainly not disappoint us:




For more Information

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After everything I've told you, what are you waiting to start using GOLDILOCK?

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