Poolz: Layer-3 Swapping Protocol Connecting Early-Stage Blockchain-Cryptocurrency Investors & Innovators.

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There are massive advancements in the crypto world and new projects are springing up every other day. By the time we get wind of a new project, it would be too late to make profits out of it. On the other hand, not all projects became milking cows for its owners, some failed to generate enough funds and liquidity. It is then a two-faced problem where investors and owner lose. Owners are trying to find liquidity and investors are trying to find the right project to invest in and get a high yield.
Solutions to this problem gave rise to the birth of Poolz. Poolz offers a simple solution to the problems listed.

Introducing Poolz

Screenshot_2020-10-12 Poolz DeFi – Decentralized Swap Protocol.png

Poolz is a trustless crypto market offering startups liquid with the ability to start a project from the scratch, canceling the need for the highly popularized ICO and IEOs. The differentiating aspect of Poolz from other platforms of similar characteristics is that it offers pooling availing for the pre-listing phase of the project, and also existing assets.
It is a 3 layer swapping protocols platform that manages liquidity auctions Poolz that brings miners and investors in one platform.

Poolz Characteristics:

Screenshot_2020-10-14 Poolz DeFi – Decentralized Swap Protocol.png

Secured and trustless: In the use of DeFi, some of the projects are not user friendly, heavy-going, and less secure smart contracts. To answer to these problems, the project has utilized the use of React Native to build a responsive and user-friendly UI/UX. The backend of the program is run using solidity, and all funds are kept in smart contracts.
Poolz’s Market Opportunity:
The DeFi has expanded over the past few years and as of last year (2019), the market capitalization rose to an all-time high of over $16 Billion. The increase can be traced to the adoption of DeFi’s like Uniswap. Despite this boom though there are still obstacles faced, which are answered by Poolz which is a decentralized, integrated system that enables project owners to easily secure liquidity auction.

Screenshot_2020-10-12 Litepaper.png

Poolz Ecosystem:
In the ecosystem, there are two categories available
Project owner
Poolz Token
Pool Type
Planned improvement

· Poolz (POZ) token:

Screenshot_2020-10-12 Litepaper(1).png

This is an ERC-2O token since Poolz is deployed on Ethereum. It will be used for incentivization, to pay for developmental costs going forward and governance requirements. Also, POZ holders get to be discounted with pool entry and simply for being holders of POZ, so you get to earn more POZ for having POZ.
· Pool Type: there will be two pool types on Poolz, which is the direct sales pool (DSP), where the tokens are received by the investor, immediately after a swap, and the time-lock pools (TLP), where the pools have a lock-in-period before the tokens are released to the investors.
· Planned Improvements: as an eventual milestone in the poolz functional agenda, there will be a cross-chain token transfer implementation, at a later stage of its developmental roadmap. This will allow for non-ethereum tokens to be swapped by the poolz protocol.

Business Model of Poolz:

Screenshot_2020-10-12 Poolz DeFi – Decentralized Swap Protocol.png

For innovators: This platform without mincing words, helps owners get liquidity for his project, he defines his terms, swap ratio, auction criteria, etc. There is also the direct sale pool where auctioned tokens go directly after a successful swap in the wallet of the liquidity supplier. Another time-locked pool time to collect token saved are specified. After following this due process, all the owner needs to do is a push of a button to register in the blockchain.
For investors: investors get a feel of the program by linking his wallet to provide liquidity by selecting the blockchain. Information about the pool; opening and closing time, rest period, name of the token, mode of payment, would be displayed on the homepage. Still, on the homepage, the investor would join a permanent pool. Investors are now entering the simple token number. As the tokens for liquidity, Poolz supports ERC20/ETH and DAI. More exchanging pairs would be feasible in the future by cross-chain integrations on the network. After approval of the disclaimer, and ETH / DAI balance plus a charge for the Pools Wallet will be transferred. Investors from their linked wallets will have to validate this transaction. In a separate farming platform team, you can pick which pair the user is going to farm, so the owner will build their own pool on the platform by himself.
Poolz platform can be defined as a bridge between innovators and investors. Innovators will be able to get their funds for listing and developments in the early stages and investors will get the chance to participate in a project early stages. In my opinion, it’s a win for both sides. With community supports, this project can be better than uniswap.

For the more curious reader who wants to know more about the platform, please click on the links below:

Website: https://poolzdefi.com/
LitePaper: https://docs.poolzdefi.com/whitepaper/litepaper
Join Poolz Telegram Community: https://t.me/PoolzOfficialCommunity
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Poolz
Medium: https://medium.com/@Poolz
Github: https://github.com/PoolzAdmin/Poolz
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/RgPjgUY
Telegram Channel: https://t.me/Poolz_Announcement

Bitcointalk Username: TheICE007
Profile link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=264068

POA: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5280470.msg55379176#msg55379176


I look forward to seeing the usability of POZ token in bridging the gap between investors and innovators.

Good concept nice idea for Defi

Very helpful write up, i will defintely give it a try

This seems like a detailed profiling of poolz project. We look forward to the good poolz has to offer the crypto community

I believe Poolz is specifically built to help crypto projects easily access funds through liquidity model. This is a great boost for DeFi innovation startups

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