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RE: Are Blockchain Games Profitable Or Even Worth Playing?

Great Post, I first saw it on publish 0x before here on Steem, lol!
I think Blockchain Games will have a great future because the gaming community is global and players spending a lot of time playing these games. Rare items and skins are the basis of the gaming blockchain economy and from my research the Enjin project does very well.
From the current games available I like @steemmonsters the best. It is a great fast pace trading card game with daily quest rewards, season rewards and live tournament prizes. The community is pretty active and the Steem I spent on those cards pretty much hold or raised in value. You need to invest 10$ for starter pack to get started.
The other game Drugwars is not so much fun to play but easy to manage with some decent rewards for the early investors.
Overall the industry needs to evolve those concepts a lot, but the first taste of it is already great!
!bookkeeping drugwars


Yeah and I suppose they have to experiment. Cool to know that you have earned profit. I feel like you have to get over that initial investing ordeal and dive in somewhat dedicated to earn a profit no? How many hours would you say it took to earn that on Drug wars?

Every game is different and has its own economical incentives. With Drugwars it was important to build buildings that produce drugs and resources very early. I didn't spent more than 30-45min a day spending my ressources and checkin for some battles.
Steemmonsters is a little bit different and more time incentive to get the rewards or win the tournaments, but in my opinion the game is more rewarding and fun to play.
You also have the choice just to trade Monster Cards by placing low bids in the market and sell the cards back for higher. Now Peakmonsters also puts out a "Rental Market" where expensive cards can be leased and rented. Therefore you can make passive income just by holding the "good" cards.
It all depends on the game what possibilities it offers for different kind of players, investors or whoever wants to get involved. I guess its more easier if you like playing the game and you are enjoying to dive into it, but its not always necessary.
The next big game that comes out is @nextcolony and they are running a very limited planet auction...I hope it will be fun to play.

True I'll definitely give drugwars a more serious consdieration

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