[CRYPTOWATCH] September 10, 2018

in blockchain •  5 months ago

Hi there my block-chained friends!

Monday is for serious business.

Here is a table with the prices of my favored tokens (I'm HODLing on these for quite a time). There are three prices for each item: starting - made at the beginning of our measurements (October 9, 2017), previous and current. Green marked the tokens that have grown, and the red ones whose price has fallen since last time.


And a video from The Cryptoverse

Do you have a forecast for the week? Or maybe you would add or remove something from my set? Write in the comments.

Thanks for a FISH!

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The bearish times can seem to be depressing, but i am always optimistic the bull shall rise again. Weldone!

'Bearish time' sounds like a good time to buy !

It was again a red week for most portfolios out there. But we must remember that the ATH last year were reached after a bull run of only one month. Most coins do have a price value at the moment, which could be compared with the values of last year just before the bull run started!
Still I do find it strange that the market keeps on taking dive after dive!
All green days are in fact death cats bounces.
Still I will try to use these time to bring down the average book prices of the most important coins in my portfolio!