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Everyone knows that when starting a new business if you want it to be a successful one, you will need an excellent business plan. But then there are the small businesses – we find them everywhere – pizzerias, coffee shops, tailor studios – maybe we even use their services, but we don't know how much their owners struggle. Moreover, the struggle comes with the pressure from other similar, but big companies. The question is how these small businesses can expand when their resources are limited? Could a family barbershop ever become successful through cryptocurrency? With Nimbus, small companies have now the opportunity of fundraising while their customers can buy their products.

What is Nimbus?

Nimbus officially called the Nimbus Token Platform enables entrepreneurs to fund their projects through pre-sales, in order to expand their businesses, hire new employees, and develop new products. For each product or service they create, Nimbus wants to use Blockchain technology. With their innovative vision, Nimbus aims to open up many sectors in the economy area, and also, to democratise the business world like never before.

A significant advantage of the Nimbus Token Platform is that it can be utilised for almost any business project. Instead of struggling with venture capitalists or using bank services, stores will be able to use this platform to raise money by selling their own tokens.

The Nimbus whitepaper suggests a few cases that help us understand better how are NIM tokens used on the platform. The examples used will explore different industries like agriculture, manufacturing and personal services. Let’s look at one of the examples provided:

How to blockchain an Avocado?

Let’s say a farmer wants to expand his orchard and add more trees to his land. To do that, he can use Nimbus and start an avocado pre-sale. At the end of each growing season, a part of the sale of each avocado crop will go to the product token wallet. Then, the tokens now created for avocados can also be traded, exchanged for other types of product token, or simply held for future use.

In conclusion, the platform designed by Nimbus is basically the best place where any company can start a token sale to raise funds for their business needs.

Nimbus Team

The Nimbus Token ICO is a well-developed and transparent ICO, with a great business model and a strong team. Storm Bear Williams, the CEO of Nimbus with a multi-discipline career is also the founder of the first crowdsourced charity, BooksForSoldiers.com (founded after the 9-11 event), a support charity which has been featured in Oprah and People Magazine. The other key person at Nimbus is John McAfee, a champion of blockchain technologies, who worked as a programmer for NASA’s Institute for Space Studies and later became the author of the first anti-virus software company which continues to bear his name.

For more information regarding Nimbus Token Platform, you are invited to visit the official website at https://www.nimbustoken.com.

Moreover, if you have any questions about Nimbus Token, you can check out the following social media channels:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NimbusToken
Twitter: https://twitter.com/NimbusToken
Telegram: https://t.me/NimbusToken
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