The Blockchain: A Revolution You Need to Understand!

An educational Blockchain Discussion

In the beginning it was all about Bitcoin and how it's going to revolutionize the whole money industry. What people did not understand is that it might not be Bitcoin, but the underlying technology Blockchain, that's going to change everything. Blockchain can be implemented into so many different industries, infrastructures and pretty much any type of ownership can be digitalized, by putting it on the block.

There is great interest from traditional financial firms, which are using a decades-old payment infrastructures. Banks and financial institutions are eager to adapt to the digital realities and improve the efficiency, speed and transparency of transactions.

As you can see in the video efforts are underway, at the national and international levels, to study and monitor the blockchain. Large international banks are collaborating on how to bring the Blockchain technology into the financial marketplace. Can we expect to see widespread use of these new systems in the near future and how will they change finance? Are we likely to see movement toward private rather than public blockchains, and how will this affect transparency and security? Will big financial institutions just implement the blockchain on their already existing infrastructure or take a new approach?

Here's a list of all the people speaking on the video at Milken Institute Global Conference:

  • Moderator
    Marc Hochstein, American Banker
  • Speakers
    Brian Forde, Digital Currency, MIT Media Lab
    Jalak Jobanputra, FuturePerfect Ventures
    Leanne Kemp, Everledger
    Margaret Liu, Conference of State Bank Supervisors
    Steve Wager, itBit

I think we need to be proactive in understanding the developments that large financial institutions make in blockchain technology. Even if they choose to use the Ripple or Ethereum route. I'm a bit skeptical of their ethical reasons for choosing to investigate how they might potentially use blockchains. I think they will ultimately be looking to centralize what has been created to decentralize.

Precisely. Im also worried about big institutions trying to centralize whats meant to be decentralized. Here the community plays a vital role!

As well as steem im a large bitcoin advocate and really any crypto. The blockchain revolution happening in all currencies is extremely exciting.

Agreed. Tho I think Bitcoin was a good first step, but first now we (are starting to) see the true potential of Blockchain:)

Great that you post this, good reading stuff.
Hope you wil came with more simular news.
All should actualy read this stuff, and understand how perfect the Blokchain is, it is the future, and more good stuff should came out of it.
Im wondering wath future wil shows, but im happy to actualy bee a part of this revolution :)


Thank you, cognitive