EOS Authority Talks About the Infinite Scalability of the EOS Blockchain!

in blockchain •  6 months ago

This is an interview with EOS Authority's Roshan Abraham. EOS Authority is one of the founding block producers of the EOS blockchain and is currently one of the twenty one active block producers.

Roshan talks about how he got involved in crypto currencies and eventually became involved in the EOS project. In this interview we talk about a range of subjects like RAM trading, the EOS community, block producing and the scalability of the EOS blockchain.

It is interesting to note that Roshan as been a software and application developer for many years and that he has been following the maneco64 channel and videos for over a year now and that it was one of our videos about the EOS project that encouraged him and his team to have a look at the project.

EOS Authority: https://eosauthority.com/

The EOS Block Producers: https://eosvoter.eosphere.io/

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I have seen this man before, is he the same person who was playing game using his cell phone?


Yes. He is Roshan Abraham from EOS Authority.


oh yes, he is a genius guy, is he from india?


Its very helpful post great to know about Eos authority

A very wonderful interview indeed
Thank you for the great information
You really are a great investor and great here

This interview has me thinking that you are in a special position Chris as you can potentially, through your public profile, influence and hold BPs to task for any questionable behaviour.

I will be cheering you on in support!

Great work you done sir @maneco64.
I really excited for this.
Thanks for sharing.

Great interview, you should do more interview with EOS BP of all affiliations as your are doing, as many of us are are looking for more details on what EOS has to offer and how some of the mechanics work.
Is Roshan on steemit? What would be his handle? I would like to follow.

upvote and resteem.

Hello @maneco64 sir... In fact, Bitcoin has not been discovered yet. In October 2008, a person published Satoshi Nakamoto pseudonym on the results of a study using the Internet. The title of the research was "Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System". In this study, he gave an idea of ​​how to deal with any bank or financial institution without any help. This method explains that pair-to-pair means sending money directly from one user to another.

By the end of this study, in January 2009, Bitcoin was in the market. Satoshi Nakamoto created software for the first bitkayen mining. According to his pseudonym, the name of the unit of Bitcoin is set in Satoshi. 10,00,00,000 (ten crore) satoshi equals 1 bitkayen...

Doing great work keeep it up...
really like it and upvoted!!

I like your opinion, I think it's very amazing, your information and opinions are very important, thanks

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I'll take the wait and see approach on INFINETELY SCALABLE. Would prefer more specifics and accountability on grandiose claims.

Nice work like it and upvoted.
thanks for sharing

EOS Authority has been an awesome contributor to the EOS community! Thank you both EOS Authority and Maneco64 for this great interview! Clay Albright - EOS USA

Scalability is one of that's features that we will see performing when the first largest's dApp's come to live. Is amazing what we can do in EOS.

Thanks for this interview, very helpful!