Unconfirmed btc transaccions continue to drop

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Great news for people who still have transaccions stuck on the bitcoin blockchain. 

I have been following this situation for some time having had 4 unconfirmed transaccions at one point in the game.

The amount of pending transaccions continues to diminish so more likelyhood that you get confirmed.


Here is a map showing the location of most of the unconfirmed spends

At one point I remember there being 140,000+ transaccions pending so its looking good for now. There should be about 2-3 thousand maximum in my opinion this having to wait so long can only cause people to look elsewhere for better cryptocurrencies such as STEEM :)

By the way how I managed to get my transaccions unstuck is the following : I transfered my private keys from other wallet to mycelium and then I sent an extra fee for each of my unconfirmed spends. It took about 5-6 hours to have them all confirmed. 

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All comments, upvotes and resteems very much apreciated


Luckily I haven't dealt with an unconfirmed transaction, crossing my fingers I never do. I'll keep this info nearby just in case. Good to see the overall number going down though, likely making many people much happier!

Yea such great news. The company you sent the btc too probably doesn't take it anymore. The temp 1 meg block cap should have been removed long ago. Instead people are being forced out of bitcoin. ETH is at something like 57% of btc market cap now. Soon first mover advantage will evaporate if blockstream/core isn't kicked out.

Great news but BTC transaction times and fees just make other crypto alternatives stronger.

Yeah its a double edged sword for altcoins holders and steemians alike :)

wow, great news indeed meaning that better days are ahead...win win for all...thanks for sharing

I sure hope so. Thanks for taking the time to reply

welcome buddy...following you for more updates...thanks @mallorcaman , keep it up

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Unconfirmed btc transaccions continue to drop — #Steemit

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