WP bits #3. How RAWG token works for everybody

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 Welcome to WP bits, RAWG’s regular series of posts where we chop ourwhitepaper, presentations, other documents and overall strategy in small digestible pieces. The presale of RAWG tokens is already open and we are halfway through to the hardcap of $10M, so this is high time we started explaining RAWG tokens to private purchasers.RAWG token is the basis of our economics system and our blockchain solution to ease our integration of “play to earn” system in the masses. Gamers can turn their achievements into tokens that then can be used to exchange for fiat and cryptocurrencies or digital and physical goods from our partners. RAWG tokens will also serve as a means for advertisers and our partners to get involved with their target audience. While it sounds simple and straightforward, there is a system at play and our tokenomics involve several participants to achieve balanced long-term circulation of tokens.Our participants can be divided into several groups:

  • Gamers
  • Advertisers
  • Partners

Basically, the token circulation can be shown like this: 


How gamers get tokens

As mentioned before, the player gets our token for getting achievements in any game across popular platforms like Steam, PS, Xbox. Straightforward and simple but there are nuances. To achieve balanced and fair distribution of the tokens between gamers and measure appropriately their time and skill, RAWG will have “karma”.Karma is a special in-system form to properly award and distinguish players between the most hardcore and more casual ones. It is counted every 2 weeks by checking the overall activity of players. So how does it work exactly?The gamer plays their favorite games for two weeks, then at the end, the system checks the achievements they got. The achievements are different in terms of rarity. Rarity is a dynamic scale, i.e. depends on how many users receive this achievement/trophy in this two-weeks period. This is done in order to make rare and hard achievements more valuable. 80% of the most common achievements/trophies give 1 point of karma, 15% of the rarer ones — 2 points, 5% of the rarest ones — 3 points. The partner games give 2 points, 3 points, 4 points respectively.By now we have come up with the following plan of tokens distribution. The prize of RAWG tokens is distributed depending on the amount of karma the gamer received. There are three groups:

  • 20% of those who received the most karma receive 65% of all tokens in this cycle. These tokens are divided proportionally to earned karma.
  • Users that are in the next group (21%-50% of the total Karma) divide 20% of the two-week prize.
  • The remaining gamers, who received karma less than half of the average statistical value, divide between themselves 10%. In this case, they will receive tokens with a probability of 50%.

New users who just synchronized their achievements that they earned in a lifetime receive 5% of the overall prize with a probability of 100%.Finally, when all is said and done, tokens are sent to gamers’ wallets and can be used appropriately.Important to note, RAWG does not enforce spending the token as fast as possible and will not seize any tokens from the user.

Tokens for everybody

Tokens for gamers

When RAWG token is in the hands of the gamer, what can be done with it? RAWG token will be present at exchanges so our users can safely convert their token to fiat or cryptocurrency. But along with it the player will be able to trade token for the physical and digital goods from our partners. The goods may vary based on our partner agreements, but RAWG will be pushing forward to get the best deals for the gamers, including keyboards, headsets, in-game lootboxes, etc. Tokens that gamers use for these goods will be utilized by the platform.

Tokens for advertisers

RAWG offers advertisers a unique way to connect to their target audience. With users supplying data to see the preferences and wishes of the gamer public, advertisers with the help of RAWG can effectively promote their product. The token system for advertisers is simple: the ads that they buy come with 30% discount if bought with tokens.

Tokens for partners

RAWG token is the means for our partners to utilize their own product and find leads. In some cases, RAWG can become a testing ground for our partners’ new products so rawgers can be the first to get some exciting goods. Partners do not receive tokens but are an integral part of the economics.

Tokens for RAWG

Our product positions itself more as a mediator between participants. With the blockchain technology RAWG creates an open and equal ecosystem where the user can spend the token on anything offered whether it be ads, partnership offers, exchanges, etc. If anyone is willing to join in, hop on our presale. Besides the aforementioned, RAWG is the first blockchain-based solution to combining gaming platforms which also monetizes gamers’ favorite pastime.Now, when you know all this, you are ready for the full token circulation scheme! 

 RAWG’s presale is already open, join us and be among the first holders of RAWG tokens.

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