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With time, content creation has evolved into what is currently obtainable. Unfortunately, the process still reeks of the antiquated fragments of the 18th century. What could be the cause of this progressional block? Perhaps it is the infidelity of middlemen to the process or just good old transparency issues. Regardless of what is at the center of this problem, there need to be some changes, else storytelling will be sucked into the black hole of history.

Everyone has a story to tell, but some are good at that stuff compared to others. Should we miss out on some interesting stories because it is not everyone’s forte? Certainly not, but that’s currently the case. Genuine stories go down to the grave without illuminating our world due to the inability of those involved to tell their stories for reasons as flimsy as the unavailability of writers willing to breathe life into these tales.

Blockchain has become a panacea for many problems in our society. The digital ledger is currently pivotal in the solutions offered by startups. The Storichain platform is one of those which is focused on ameliorating the issues surrounding storytelling.


To minimize thoughts of being cheated, the Storichain ecosystem uses smart contracts which are fail-proof and guarantee every party involved in the content creation process gets remunerated. And its highly coded framework ensures funds can be traced within the ecosystem so everyone in the know of the revenue generated and who got what.
Investors unfamiliar with the murky waters of content creation but with the needed funds to make thing happen can be matched with the capable hands using the Storichain’s highly intuitive AI which recommends impeccable collaborators. It’s not only investors that are led down the right path as people with exceptional stories but who are ignorant of the whole content creation business can be guided accordingly. For storytellers seeking funds for the creation and marketing of their stories, this blockchain-based platform offers this category of people they need with the fundraising feature coupled to a smart contract.
It is worthy of note that Investors can be assured of quality as the Storichain platform is configured to ensure stories written are evaluated thoroughly by readers who are rewarded for a job well done.


Content creators don’t have to worry about anyone stealing their work as the Storichain platform uses both smart NDAs and antitheft tools to eliminate plagiarism issues.
Transactional costs can be astronomical in the content creation business especially with the sort of bureaucracy (middlemen and co). The Storichain platform eliminates this stumbling block as these fictitious costs are slashed greatly.
With video stories becoming more mainstream than ever, content creators can take advantage of the conversion tools on the Storichain ecosystem for a wider reach.


Final Thoughts
It’s great to have a startup prioritize content creation just like Storichain is doing. And the platform has a lot of solid attributes, which are bound to elicit encomiums from the lips of the most joyless critic. Hopefully, it is all sunshine and rainbow with this one.








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