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It is no longer news that the casino is big business. The internet might have made gambling only known, but figures on game winners don’t appear to be on the increase. Have you ever thought why this is the case?
You would expect payment of bet winnings to be made possible swiftly and seamlessly, but that is not exactly the case. Besides the hefty transaction fees attached to receiving game winnings and the stunning levies involved, you’d still need to wait several days before such is available. Also, what is with all the marketing gimmicks attached to receiving your winning? Holding a large check and taking pictures for the media is as dangerous as playing with a venomous snake. The quest for money would surely lead many people down the darker path of lies, deceit and stealing to covet winnings from successful gaming participants. This explains why winners would often shield their face from the public using masks and all what not


The Anyone Masterstroke

Blockchain is being exploited greatly and in every avenue possible. Its potential as a framework for a game platform isn’t as popular as you might have expected. ANYONE isn’t giving it that much thought though as they have gone all guns blazing with the launch of their own GAMING platform. With the transparency of the blockchain, its immutability, and smart contracts, the ANYONE platform gives participants access to every detail regarding the GAME they signed up for. Nothing is hidden on the digital ledger, so you don’t have to be worried about some hanky-panky activities by ANYONE.


Want some privacy when you hit it big on the ANYONE? Payment is done on the blockchain, and no one demands your presence. Payment is secure, so you would definitely be getting paid. Unfortunately, the ‘winner takes all’ mentality isn’t applicable to the ANYONE platform as holders of the startup’s token get to share in your gains. It is certainly not what you want if you don’t like sharing.


ANYONE players would find the ANYONE platform desirable since winners will always emerge. This is contrary to existing CASINO events where participants are expected to match the ‘lucky numbers’ before anyone is declared the winner. And this explains why winning the game is considered near impossible. Since there is always a winner regardless of outcomes, a winning mentality is plausible.

Anyone utilizes Chip to stake on the platform which is exactly exchange money gambling. All you need to do is just to buy the Chip to start gaming. 1Chip to start and it is unlimited. A Chip is equivalent to 1$. One can buy Chip with either ANY or BTC on the platform. With this, one can start freely without restrictions.

Clearly, ANYONE has its sight set on demystifying the gambling as we know it. Conventional gamblers are about to find out it is no longer business as usual. Their money spinner is slipping through their grasps. It is just a matter of time before push turns to shove. After all, who wouldn’t want to participate in a contest where there is bound to be a winner as opposed to another skewed to appear like a light-tunnel scenario?


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