Nestree- A Revolutionary Social Media platform Based on Blockchain Technology

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In this our present we all know mobile phone is the new trend simply because we can do literally everything we want from our mobile phones. Most of individuals today use mobile phones for different purpose which ranges from calling to keeping our calendars , playing games , or for sending messages on different social networks. And Talking about social networks , the most time people send on mobile phones we are mostly busy with our social media applications , for instance, WhatsApp, Facebook, messenger, twitter, etc. By utilizing this application we can send messages rapidly and without intrusion. With the assistance of this application, we can send messages to anybody on the planet at no expense by utilizing the web. But Numerous multiple times the history has demonstrated that social media companies offer our private data to publicizing organizations and for other illicit purposes. Along these lines, our protection and money related subtleties gets traded off. Advertisement offices utilize our information and embed promotions on our profiles dependent on our advantage.

The Innovative Nestree

Nestree is a new innovation cryptocurrency platform built with a advanced present day technology on the cutting edge focus which build up an unmistakable and furthermore special social media network through blockchain technology . NESTREE is a Korea based undertaking that revolutionalises the social network platform.The Nestree application engages customers to concentrate on your interests considerably more satisfactorily by offering trades that may intrigue you as a suggestion. At the same time , individuals who structure a group can do so without a lot of a stretch contact the gathering that interests to the subject in like manner this stage was created to progress and lift the utility and ampleness of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

Some Amazing Features of Nestree

Directed Marketing :

Channels on the Nestree stage enable clients to have the option to pick channels that suit their interests. In this manner promoters can all the more effectively pick channels as indicated by their advertisement classifications and get the group of spectators that suits them.

Over The Counter Innovative Trades :

This empower uses of the platform to trade with one another without utilizing any trade, this is the first of its sort.

Advertisement Reward : 

Channel administrators and members can share the token eggs they get from publicists and people advertising on the the channel . Consequently all members on the channel will get a similar incentive for their commitment.


The NESTREE stage has different kind of wallets which coin/token can be sent to for users .


 Nestree is a far reaching and imaginative messenger administration that will address the issues that exist in the worldwide messenger industry. The highlights given by the Nestree stage are appropriate for crypto-fan or users who need to get rewards from each commitment they make. One  of a kind thing about the adverts put in any of the Nestree people group is that others can likewise share them on the off chance that they adore what they see and can choose to be a partaker of the advertisement. The EGG token will remain the cash which the program perceives and in which all channel administrators must recognize.

Token Information


Project Team:

 Nestree project has a team of 10 professionals from different fields. 

For more Information about NESTREE:

Website: https://www.nestree.ioRead Whitepaper:

Ann thread:






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This project is one that gives me so much anticipation.. And already working product with a reward system
I cant wait tonsee ut taking over the IM industry

The project is a masterpiece and its awesome on so many levels and the fact that they have a working product already is good news for everybody

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