How Hyperledger Fabric complements M2O platform

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When there is talk about success of a company, it is incredibly important to match the words with deeds. At the same time future of any blockchain startup depends not only on its technological or innovative characteristics but also on the existence of strategic partnerships.

M2O team believes that our agreement with Hyperledger Fabric, hosted by Linux foundation, accelerates the development of our project. Its technology implementation has allowed us to translate the idea of tokenizing mileage and bonus points into reality.

One more reason why our choice fell on Hyperledger Fabric, was its level of influence, respect and prominence over the blockchain framework in the world.

Hyperledger Fabric develops all sort of applications and solutions with a modular architecture, which differs from the traditional companies by offering a “plug-and-play” mechanism, which implementation will make our platform compatible with other apps.

In addition, Hyperledger team focuses on the development and deployment of open, transparent, reliable and interoperable blockchains. That position and philosophy are fully in line with our believes, so it has also contributed to our decision of choosing Hyperledger Fabric as the foundation for our blockchain platform.

“Partnership with Hyperledger Fabric is going to bring an additional value to both M2O clients: loyalty points holders and companies that distribute them. As an open source, backed up by open governance, Hyperledger offers a customized Smart Contract, well-known by a high level of security. Also it provides identity services that will allow us to manage our users IDs and to authenticate all participants on the network”, M2O’s CEO, Henry Kim said.

Furthermore, Hyperledger plays an indispensable role in the development of the project’s blockchain solution. With high-quality product it will be easier to accelerate M2O’s solution adoption and expand the number of clients that will use M2O platform to convert their mileage into real assets.

Though our strategic alliance and thanks to implementation of the blockchain technology, M2O and Hyperledger Fabric will significantly reduce the costs of setting up and operating a loyalty program. As a result, companies will have access to a mechanism that will allow them to efficiently target customers, thus, increasing revenue and customer experience.

It is a pleasure and honor to work with Hyperledger Fabric team, whose direct partner is IBM foundation. We truly believe that its fame and reputation will help us to attract more customers and gain trust in the early stages.

Remember that on October 29, 2018, 16:00 JST time (UTC +9) will start our second crowdsale, that will finish on November 23, 2018, 16:00 JST time (UTC +9). All the contributions during the crowdsale will be made in Ethereum, with the token price of 30000 M2O for 1 ETH. Minimum contribution is 1 ETH. Total Supply is 35 billion M2O; meanwhile supply for the ICO is 14 billion tokens.

To learn more about the M2O project, please visit our website, follow the growing communities on Facebook, Twitter and join the discussion on Telegram.
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