Cryptocurrency Market and Its Prospects.

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 World blockchain Summit Marvels held on December 12, 2018 in Korea. Despite the decline of the cryptocurrency market, many blockchain holders participated and expressed various opinions. Despite the downturn in the market and blockchain unfairness, various blockchain industry participants around the world are still very bright in the prospect of blockchain technology.

In particular, Korea, which lacked support for blockchains, plans to further expand its budgets and train more than 12 pilot projects to foster blockchain industries in 2019. Because of the negative view of cryptocurrency and ICO, the maintenance of related laws are still insufficient, but the situation in which the perception of the block chain technology gradually changes is very positive.

At this day, a princess from Thailand said, “Thailand is becoming a good country to implement ICO for IT start-up through process such as recognition change of blockchain and support for ICO.”In this rapidly changing environment, what blockchain projects can do business and satisfy users through this technology? Technically promising projects are already on the rise all over the world. So what about blockchain projects in the business arena? Many companies say they will do business with blockchain technology.

M2O Project is building an M2O Platform that enables the M2O Project to utilize the functions of the blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency, which are the core of the 4th industry. To collect air mileage or membership points around the world to spend as cash, It can be regarded as a world-class excellent project to make money into a use case by integrating it with membership points.

M2O Project already has users and affiliates and wants to implement the business in a short period of time. They aim to provide more advanced service to users all over the world through global membership service and integrated mileage service. In particular, M2O Project was listed on the global exchange on Dec. 13th, and it was revealed that it would start full-scale entry into the global market. 

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