Investment strategy 6: The FOREST investment strategy

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Here's a simple but efficient investment strategy that can nicely grow your portfolio over time. It does require some research and patience, but has great potential - the FOREST strategy:

First, plant your seeds

  • research and pick several (at least 5) technologies (ICOs, coins)
  • buy each one with the same but not too big amount (20% of your total amount), or go simple - put 50 USD into each
  • these should be coins that:
    • are addressing a real problem and have a good solution
    • really need blockchain (not just taking a non blockchain solution onto blockchain to attract investors)
    • have a good team, github activity and open source code
    • are not just some funny gimmicks (Useless Coin or Fuck You token)
    • verify them on these resources - if they talk positively about their future, you are on the right path
    • A good start would be some up and coming coins in the top #25 of

Then, wait, watch them grow into bushes or trees

  • some will grow into bushes (100%+)
  • some will die (or not change much)
  • some will really grow (1000%+)

Sell some of the "fruits" that grew nicely (1000%+) and buy more seeds

The idea is, that ones that will grow into BIG TREES - 1000% and more growth will give you enough funds (50 USD x 2000% = 1000 USD - sell 500 USD to buy new "seeds").


Enjoy your forest. :)

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