Blockchain Meets Social Media | APPICS, A Match Made In Heaven

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You love social media, right? I certainly do! Currently, the average teen and adult in the Western world spends just shy of 2 hours each day on social media. Time is our most valuable asset, so wouldn’t it be nice if we could be rewarded for our time? With APPICS you soon can!


APPICS is an innovative new smart social media platform that merges lifestyle with income, by empowering absolutely any user who posts, comments, and likes to earn APPICS coins for the traffic they generate. These coins can be converted into any currency, or transferred into liquid cash. In other words, continue to use social media as you do now—but make money doing it. What could be better?

The Power Of The People

APPICS believes in a decentralized global economy where the power belongs to the people. So, instead of creating a social platform where the investors make all the profits, it is distributed in a fair way. Yes, the millions or billions earned are split with the users who are the driving force behind their surmounting success. Not just that, but every time you like a post—you help someone else earn money!

Help Others Earn While You Engage

While we could all use a bit more cash, APPICS could prove lifechanging for anyone living in struggling economies, or for charities in need of sustained finances. For example, imagine the impact that trending photos of a non-profit or NGO posts of a natural disaster could have. With every like they earn more, and with every share, they expand the reach to their cause, generating even more likes. It doesn’t matter your age, your country, religion, or gender—all you need is a computer or mobile device, and an internet connection. And don’t forget, APPICS is an excellent way to meet likeminded, forward-thinking people.

Blockchain Cryptocurrency

You are sure to have heard blockchain cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, but did you know that there are over 800 cryptocurrencies? One thing that makes your APPICS coins (which are a STEEM cryptocurrency) so great is that there is no global exchange rate. 1,000 coins in the UK is 1,000 coins in every other country in the world. The currency passes from peer-to-peer without a financial institution, but can be spent in a variety of ways—or converted to your currency. If you shop online, you have likely noticed a growing number of retailers now accepting cryptocurrency—even many restaurants and retailers provide the ability to scan a QR code to pay via a variety of currencies.

The More Engagement You Drive, The More You Make

APPICS has 15 categories that help you to classify the types of posts and live streaming content that you share. You also have the ability to share other people’s posts to help them earn more. The admins select trending posts and place them into the Popular category, helping influencers and one-off trending posts gain more momentum. There is even a Welcome category designed to highlight new users. Post as you usually would, or get strategic by focusing on specific categories, themes, and niches, with the goal of earning more.

A Match Made In Heaven

By combining social with blockchain, it is a true match made in heaven! If you are going to be on social media every day, why not be rewarded for your time? You may still utilize your current social media platforms, but you will soon have an option that turns your mobile browsing and posting into an income—or helps someone else achieve their financial goals. It will be a win/win for all, and the ideal way to network with a purpose.The early bird catches the worm! As an innovative new smart social platform, if you submit your interest now, you can be part of the early adopters. While this won’t guarantee that you achieve influencer status, it certainly gives you a leg up. Like most social platforms, registering your interest in APPICS is fast, easy, and free—and it seems their upcoming features and functions will be easy, intuitive, and familiar. I hope you are as excited about APPICS as I am!You can read more about APPICS at


Why should I buy coins or am I missing something?

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