Lisk Commander 1.0.0 Release

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We’re excited to announce the release of Lisk Commander 1.0.0, our command line interface tool. Lisk Commander, previously known as “Lisky”, is a tool for advanced users of the Lisk Network. It uses our general-purpose JavaScript library, Lisk Elements, and provides the functionality to interact with Lisk Core with the use of a command line.

Below, I will explain the key features of this release and what will come next for Lisk Commander.

Newly-added Features

  • Get blockchain information with the new Lisk Core 1.0 API

All of the get and list functions from Lisk Commander 1.0.0 are compatible with the new Lisk Core 1.0 API. Commander can obtain information related to the blockchain from a particular network. Please note that until Lisk Core 1.0 is released to Mainnet, it cannot communicate with the Mainnet nodes.

  • Create, sign, verify and broadcast transactions and signature

With Lisk Commander 1.0.0, users can create type 0 to type 4 transactions, which are transfer, register second signature, register a delegate, vote for delegates and register a multisignature account.

Separately or with command line pipe in interactive mode, users can sign and broadcast the transaction to the network.

Additionally, if a user receives a transaction, the user can check to see if it contains a valid signature.

  • Encrypt passphrase and Decrypt passphrase command now compatible with Lisk Core 1.0

This feature is especially important for delegates. A delegate needs to encrypt their passphrase locally and insert the encrypted passphrase in the configuration of the node to enable forging. Only the password used to create the encrypted passphrase is sent over the API endpoint provided by Lisk Core.

  • Sign message and Verify message

The sign message and verify message commands are often used to prove the ownership of a particular account. Now, Commander supports creating such a message, and verifies whether or not the signature and message is from the correct owner.

The Future of Lisk Commander

In the upcoming Lisk Commander 2.0.0, we are preparing a change in the framework from vorpal to oclif since vorpal has been out of active development and with oclif, we can provide a much better user experience.

Currently, Lisk Commander is targeting the general advanced user of the Lisk network, but from Lisk Commander 2.0 onwards, we will integrate more features for developers and blockchain creators as a first entry point into the Lisk ecosystem. Together with Lisk Elements and the SDK, Lisk Commander will evolve to become a tool that can be used to create, maintain and interact with the network as well as the mainchain/sidechain and dapps. Developers and node maintainers will be able to create the template of the sidechain, start and manage the node as well as much more.

Stay up-to-date with our weekly development updates for more information regarding future releases.

About the Author:

Shusetsu Toda is a Fullstack Developer at Lightcurve and is also head of Lisk Commander.

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