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Everest — the first decentralized applicationbuilt onThe Graph, is a decentralized projects registry built with a subgraph, IPFS and 3Box on Ethereum. More clearly, users — no matters if you are a developer, project owner, regular user or community member — will be able to add a project on the platform. It can be a dApp, hedge funds, DAO, protocol and many more. In simple terms, there is unlimited category of the projects you can add to Everest. However, you will need 10 DAI to add a project on to Everest in order to prevent spamming and contribute low quality projects. On the other hand, this fund will be reserved for future development of Everest and store in Everest Reserve Bank. This cost will not be reimbursed in any circumstances as well.

As mentioned above, everyone can use Everest and add the project they like/own, therefore, Everest team provide a very reasonable feature which is “Challenge”. In particular, users can challenge the project for the others to vote and see if that project is in accurate conditions (i.e. correct description, logo, info..etc…), then if the challenged project does not meet the required voting, it will be taken down from the platform.

In order to challenge a project, the challenger must give a reason why the project should be challenged. The reason can be: (i) Inaccurate info (ii) Wrong logo (iii) Wrong project name (iv) Wrong category (v) Wrong project representative. In addition, user also need to deposit 10 DAI as collateral against the challenge. This cost will be returned to challenger plus 1 DAI if the challenge successful.

This article will help to instruct how to do a challenge on Everest.
Step 1: Go to


Step 2: Click on Projects tab (


Step 3: Choose All for filter (This option will be displayed as default) and click on the project you want to challenge


Step 4: Click on the 3 dots on the upper right-hand side


Step 5: Click on Challenge


Step 6: Choose your own project to challenge against other project


Step 7: Write down the reason why you challenge that project



Step 8: Click on challenge button


Step 9: Confirm your transaction


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