ZICHAIN: Single point entrance into the crypto asset management world.

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With blockchain technology overtaking the businesses including the financial, real estate and asset management sector, one can feel excited to dab one's hand in the brimming profits circulating in its pots. I was advised by my trainer once, that I should too invest small amounts into shares or investments that appeal to me. The Bitcoin surged in humongous popularity as the markets were slammed due to the 2008 depression that could not be dealt with before 2015. Bitcoin provided the easy mode of investment that one could adopt without any involvement of intermediaries with transactions encrypted over distributed ledgers. Each year new tokens and coins are introduced in the crypto world with companies coming into scenes and vanishing. Keeping a tab on all the latest developments is not an easy task. Another hurdle that misinformed investors and asset managers face is the need for a central agency to minimize frauds and risks. The complex infrastructure that these crypto platforms offer often dissuade users and in spite of the popularity it has gained, less than 0.5% of the world population has actually taken advantage of it. The ZICHAIN.io platform combines its own successful long term-experience in asset management and technical expertise to be a convenient and unique platform for private and institutional investors who want to invest in cryptocurrencies and asset managers who want to expand their investment horizons.

Zichain intends to create a cryptocurrency asset management industry combining best practices of the traditional financial world with innovative technology.

The platform currently focuses on four key products. Each of the products operates independently but together they form a single entry into the crypto world. The platform is already popular and has bagged investments. It has been quoted in several important journals as well.

  • **** Blockchain Asset Management Platform

It offers a fully automated and reliable infrastructure for crypto investments for both asset managers and investors. It offers customized investment funds in just one click, decentralized storage of assets, fees accounting and withdrawal, investment policy statement verification and financial reporting.

It allows for trading on most exchanges through a single terminal. The funds can thus be managed easily. It is in the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) stage of development.

  • **** The Index.Fund

It is one of its kind of cryptocurrency index funds which offer simple and transparent single point access to a rapidly growing class of digital assets. The structure is automated and investors can have an up-to-date portfolio of the most important cryptocurrencies at least costs. The customers can make their choice based on risk-return profile, sector exposure and degree of diversification. It is aimed at medium and long-term investors and the tokenized index funds have been launched in the Q2 of 2018.

  • **** CryptoEYE

It boasts of Cryptowiki- where one can get description about more than 100 popular cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects. It will serve as a multilingual news and market data provider for BAMP and Index Fund. The users can obtain comprehensive and latest information about the cryptocurrencies before making strategic decisions. It will also serve as a marketplace for asset management companies to promote their strategies and allow purchases with a single click. There will be an investment calculator as well to compare and analyze investment returns.

  • **** ZiChange

It is the crypto broker offering simple purchase of digital currency to traders, miners and institutional investors. It supports USD and EUR deposits and withdrawals and also ethereum, bitcoin, and litecoin. User-Friendly interface with cutting edge technology to offer the best rates and enhanced security. Variety of liquidity pools and a large choice of payment methods.

With its expert team of professionals, it foresees itself as the frontrunner in the asset management industry in the crypto world in the next five years. It aims to bring in transparency and safety and ensues enormous market potential.

Zitoken(ZCN) and its ICO details:

Zitoken will be an ERC20 compatible payment token on the platform. The customers can purchase services with the token and with another cryptocurrency as well on all the four subdivisions of the ecosystem. A 30% discount will be offered to those buying the services in Zitokens.

The private sale was held from April 2 to May 20 at a discount of 40-60%. The presale is still underway with its start from May 21 and ending on August 31. The tokens are priced at US$0.08. They are available at a discount of 20%.

The token sale will be held from September 16 to October 31. The price per token will be US$0.1. The soft cap is US$3 million and hard cap is fixed at US$ 25 million. It will allocate 50% of its revenue to buyback.

Concluding Verdict:

The platform gives a one-shot way to enter the crypto world well informed and fully armed. It has loads to offer the users and investors with its set of the automated trading platform, exchange news portal and currency brokerage system. It hopes to earn humongous profits through the $1.5 trillion market potential. For users, it gives 30% discount for every transaction through Zitoken and the assurance of token appreciation through its buyback. To the investors it offers early bird bonuses of up to 45% and to earn profits by trading in the tokens on several exchanges and also trade in other popular cryptocurrencies. The platform is all pervasive and versatile approach of asset management quite the need for the crypto world.

For more details visit:

Whitepaper: zichain.io/pdf/WP-ENG-09.pdf

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