ULTRA: The Future of Digital Games Distribution

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For all my ultimate game purchases and free deals on the best of the apps available, I went for Playstore, the shopping hub for all things digital, isn't it. I was quite satisfied rating my favorites and reviewing the ones I despised. Till I discovered a game with zero reviews, no show off interface and developed by a nobody, satiating my gamer instincts like no other game had did ever. Free for the initial 14 days, it required a premium membership to continue, I did and right now I am hooked to the Game. This little experience had me wondering some flaws that had the small developers suffer hugely in terms of low exposure, meagre profits or returns, monopolistic practices by big developers. As such, the result is that gamers are unable to discover the choices that suit them due to innumerable choices available.

About 88% of the game market happens through google, apple or steam app stores which allows for unfair trade practices where most of the profit share goes to the app stores and social networks. People also find the free downloading and ease of operations lucrative and hence forego opportunities such as earning while you play, or through referrals and reviews.

The world PC game market is worth USD 29 billion.

In spite of the mammoth share, these app stores are slowly losing their sheen to digitally distributed PC games with a 12% growth mapped each year. And Steam as a platform deserves commendation for it but fails to meet the demands of the expanding user base. To tap this potential, Ultra is building a first-class PC game publishing platform and marketplace that puts an end to the current distribution monopoly.

It integrates battle-tested technology into a concise and easy to use platform with several years of development and research. The technology has been licensed to several major brands such as Bethesda, Adobe, Zenimax etc with hundred of millions of successful downloads with gamers enjoying the play even before the complete download takes place. (Content distribution technology ). It serves 33 billion ads each day through which developers can promote their games benefitting both the users to earn coins by watching the ads as well. (ADS technology ). The Ultra Go is the platform companion app for mobile users with chatting, wallet, News and other features.


  • For developers

Developers can earn more than 21% sales revenue.

They get access to a range of marketing and business tools. The promotional tools include an innovative influencer program.

It can fit into several business strategies such as free-to-play or premium games, esports or single-player games, PC distribution games and even betting, item trading etc.

The developers can grow their community by using the platform's game specific clubs, forum, newsletter, chat etc.

Financial support through beta tests, bug hunting, feedback etc.

Easy porting of games from platforms like Steam, Xbox, and PlayStation to Ultra with the universal SDK.

Instant payment to developers that helps in reinvesting their money quickly.

There are the host of other ways to earn money such as in-game advertising, secondhand sales, item trading, and referrals.

  • For players

Play games within a few minutes of purchase.

Earn coins through participating in beta tests, watching ads, curating games and more activities

Access to third-party game services such as tournaments, item trading within Ultra.

Exclusive AAA content available only on Ultra.

Be a part of an innovative and rewarding open community

Purchase and resell second-hand digital games

Earn coins by referring your friends through three level referral program.

Ultra as a platform based on blockchain benefits through nano payments made instantly, proof of ownership, transactions transparency and all the benefits of a custom built a platform to the developers as well as users.

UTA tokens and ICO details:

All purchases including virtual items, games, and services on the platform will be done through the UTA token. The rewards for the referral program, beta testing, reviews, loyalty programs etc. will work through UTA tokens including the payment of advertisements by the developers. The second-hand market will also initiate through the token itself. Although payments in all currencies will be acceptable, ultimately they will be converted into UTA tokens. They will be easily saleable on external exchanges and developers to require the tokens to get their games converted into a secure crypto token.

The token is destroyed after its use and is legal for a stipulated period of time. Sales revenue is split with multi-signature.

The ICO will take place in the third quarter of 2018.

Concluding Verdict:

The platform, on the whole, behaves as a complete ecosystem supplying every need for a developer to constitute and promote his name on one hand and earn revenues through several channels on the other hand. Similarly, the involvement of users at various stages in the development for testing, in the promotion through referrals and watching ads is a two-way boon. The user gets his share of extra income while the platform benefits from their participation.

From an investors point of view, the token value will increase with the popularity of the platform. Ultra if successful can become the future of digital gaming where developers and gamers enjoy in sync with each other's rationale without the leakage of profit or involvement of any middlemen.

For more details visit:

Website: https://ultra.io/

Whitepaper: https://ultra.io/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/Ultra-Whitepaper-1.03.pdf

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