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According to the recent stats, by January 2018 Coinmarket cap displayed nearly 1400 cryptocurrencies which could be traded and exchanged for crypto and fiat. The number is ever increasing still, with ICO for new and innovative startups lined up to get their share of investments. My brother had a recent experience with the crypto exchange where he dealt in ripple. Happy till prices surged, he was juxtaposed when prices suddenly jumped down straight from heights and stuck again with governmental norms and technical slags on part of the exchange. The handicap lied in the fact that though he was a blockchain enthusiast and possessed a knack for predicting trends, he hardly knew where to put his crypto money. As such the only solution, that remained was to eject the money as fiat all at a loss.

This is the plight, most individual and small-scale investors and buyers face regularly. As the market is distorted and broken with watertight compartments comprising specific regions and this hampers a free crypto economy from booming.

The number of exchanges, wallets, and currencies simply confuse people instead of providing the option of varied choices. Also, reliable sources of information are lacking; where to go and where not, is often a question that keeps itching people into delaying decisions and foregoing benefits. There is a requirement of a single solution which caters to all the necessary requirements required to trade, exchange and spend cryptocurrencies.

Darico platform aims to bring the crypto market into the mainstream. It will aim towards providing the crypto investors towards trusted sources of information and to all of the tools that they need to make informed investment decisions. The basic aim is to integrate cryptocurrencies into their everyday lives.


It will be ever expanding horizon developing as per the needs of its users. It offers a host of services to its users in exchange of DEC coins.

Darico wallet

It will be a secure 2FA multicoin wallet supporting bitcoin, ERC20 and more with the integration of a wallet.

It will be suitable for all the investors available at www.darico.io/wallet.

It will be available on a subscription and will be available in mobile and desktop versions.

Darico Terminal

'A subscription-based hub for crypto investment information, news and analysis.'

The main aim is to provide secure, trusted, accurate and timely information to the investors.

It will be available in the desktop version supplying the readers with market news, information and analysis forming the core of Darico ecosystem.

Darico Debit card

It will be linked to the DEC wallet to enable everyday transactions in cryptocurrencies.

They are working towards providing cards with international acceptance.

Darico Exchange

There are highest regulatory standards for cryptocurrencies in Gibraltar and Darico aims to open a regulated cryptocurrency exchange to operate on DLT (distributed ledger technology).

Darico Index fund

A fully regulated cryptocurrency fund that will hold a diversified portfolio of 10 highly liquid cryptocurrencies for private investors.

Darico liquidity pool

This is a very unique feature of the ecosystem. About 50% of the funds collected through coin sale will be used for purchasing Gold (35%), BTC (55%) and ETH (10%).

This will contribute towards the strengthening the ecosystem and maintaining the sustainability of the platform.


  • Based on blockchain and smart contracts it will integrate all the goodies accompanying them.
  • Through its wallet, it will provide a safe place to keep your money plus an immutable record of your transactions
  • The debit card will inculcate liquidity into crypto utility and add to its growth.
  • The coins, when circulated well, will appreciate and add to the benefit of investors
  • Liquidity pool to ensure a solid backing of the platform and prevent it from usual volatility issues.
  • Meeting place for all the parties- buyers, sellers, service providers, investors and building a community
  • Daily market news straight to the users
  • Based on the highest regulatory standards ( aiming for a license in Gibraltar)
  • Work towards making cryptocurrencies easier to understand and building the confidence in them.

DEC token and its ICO details:

DEC will be an ERC20 compatible utility token that will be used for transacting business and paying for all the services available on the platform. The DEC token will be moved to the category of native tokens once their own private blockchain is setup in 2019. The token sale has already been started in January 2018 and will continue till 30th July.


A total of 120,000,000 DEC will be issued with 60% (72,000,000 DEC) made available during the public sale. Price per token will be US$ 0.5=1 DEC. The minimum contribution will be $100.

Concluding Verdict:

Darico will serve as an all in one ecosystem where all the informative and monetary needs of the investors would suffice. Once the DEC tokens find their popularity they will rise in their values. As a result, providing further impetus to the platform. For the users a multitude of services to manage the influx of choices so available and make informed decisions.

For the investors, it would be a good deal, as the tokens are backed by Gold, ETH etc. to strengthen its value and save it from volatility. The tokens do not carry any voting rights but the investors can buy, sell and trade further to earn from the appreciation of the token. Darico, affirms its credentials by meeting the highest standards and bringing in global acceptability.

For more details visit:

Website: https://darico.io/en/

Whitepaper: https://darico.io/en/Darico-Whitepaper.pdf

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