The Future Of Crypto Even Brighter After Google And Facebook Bans Ads.

in #blockchain3 years ago

Just like in the past the future is now looking even brighter when the powers that be start feeling the heat this is what is like when you feel you are starting to loose power , one starts being aggressive in all possible manner but all the same that is why we have been seeing this shift in response.

Google may have been shy in response but it's now clear they were ready not to let blockchain thrive it's too risky for them that means it would risk the advertising fees of their partners which means no business for them.Further more everything is perfect for them money is rolling in as usual and they don't need displacing .

Nevertheless it really does not matter what they have done now the cut is all ready out the suck that's alll that matters for now and people have redefined what money is , so long us we quench for freedom no matter the hardship there will always be someone out there fighting.


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