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Bloomberg published a report recently which indicates the massive amounts of money cryptocurrency exchanges are gaining each day. The largest and most popular exchanges are processing transactions worth around $2 billion a day in trades every day. This number may sound unbelievably large, but the trend is only showing a growth in the number - and except for the current downturn in the crypto market, the number would have risen. CoinBase exchange reported that it is still adding some new users to its database; the number isn't as much as it was in Q3 2017, but the trajectory is still huge.

Although the market cap of cryptocurrency assets have reduced significantly, experts and analysts think the market is in a correction phase and that the ''Bull run'' is close. But again new users are coming into the market daily, and this only mean that new transactions are done everyday - whether the crypto market rises or dips, trades are made regardless. Even many big centralised establishments are becoming interested in the money exchanges are generating. Circle International Financial Ltd., which is founded by Goldman Sachs just recently acquired Poloniex for a staggering $400 million. Daily transactions and exchange token sales provide good opportunity to invest parallel to the big guys.

Cryptocurrency exchanges of course are crypto platforms but they function out of the internal stretch of crypto - think of the oil run of Texas. As people speculated where to find the next oil well and would acquire parcel of lands in those areas, the refinery owners simply stood aside and allowed the successful speculators use their services. Exchanges are the refineries of the cryptocurrency market. As daily traders speculate and make transactions, exchanges only offer services and make easy cheese. Exchanges gain regularly from the successful operations in the crypto market.

Crypto exchanges have huge potential....

There is an exponential increase in the price of coins of major exchanges - BNB which is the official platform coin of Binance exchange has grown in value in roughly half a year. KuCoin Shares have done rather well also despite Binance having a much larger market share than KuCoin.


The cryptocurrency exchange market is becoming more prolific, but of course there’s still plenty room for new innovative improvements in this market. There is a huge gap between the ease of trading cryptocurrency assets and trading traditional investments. What this mean is that there are a lot more opportunities even if one missed out on buying shares in KuCoin or investing in Binance Coin since the market is still very young and maturing.

Here is an opportunity to invest in MASH tokens.

MASH is the currency of Masternet's MT7 progressive cryptocurrency trading platform.

MT7 is a trading platform launched by the founders of Masternet community-based project and Akasis exchange. MT7 is created to offer the community of traders an exchange with a very simple interface and dedicated tools that will make daily trading very easy.


While many of the investments into powerful crypto exchanges have yielded amazing profits, MT7 is still available. Currently, the MASH token is trading on Livecoin.net and is also listed on CMC. it’s market cap based on sold tokens is wonderful. If the Masternet team can deliver the product they are proposing, MT7 has a promising future ahead - and that of MASH token along with it.

Crypto trading platforms generally offer great investment opportunity since the amount of money involved is very high, especially that cryptocurrency market is still new to many. Exchanges report massive revenue generated from transactions performed by users and listing fees from makers. MT7 will be a new addition in the ranks of top cryptocurrency exchanges that will cart home big revenue.

There are two options to share in the benefits that exchanges are enjoying in the crypto market; Either you build an exchange or you invest in one. I say the latter is way easier!!

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