HyperSpace, Formerly Synereo, Is a 'New' Crypto-Based Social Network

in blockchain •  20 days ago

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So, I got invited to the alpha testing for HyperSpace and just joined, so I don't really know anything about it yet. Made my first post and am waiting for it to be approved. It looks like HyperSpace is seeking to pay people through crypto for contributing too. However, you can only contribute through communities (i.e. make a post to one community - called a "space" - at a time.) The interface is easy (no need to know HTML, although I did have some issues loading a photo), but the explore/search feature is clunky atm (as far as I can tell.)

This was formerly Synereo, and they've relaunched and created a new product. (They also created Wildspark, which HyperSpace is expected to eventually replace, as far as I can tell.)

I'm curious what people on Steemit know about HyperSpace, Synereo, or Wildspark. These communities are all brand new to me, but it seems like the group's been around for a while. Do you think it will get as big as Steemit?

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I am also on HyperSpace, this is the crypto-social network that I started with. And I like the idea that communities play a central role. I think it helps the content to be more organized and less chaotic.


What do you think of HyperSpace so far? There are a few glitches, which I'd expect in alpha, but it seems pretty interesting. I'd link to my profile but I'm so new I'm not even sure how to do that lol.


I like that in HyperSpace there are communities(spaces) so the content is more organized. In Steemit it seemes like less organized.

@kittenlaw Had not heard of this - gonna go check it out. ✌🏾