Zcach to split into 2 chains ?

in blockchain •  6 months ago

Equihash was made as algo allowing CPU and GPU mining with no centralization coming from ASICs. Yet Bitmain the top ASIC mining developer just released publicly the Z9 mini which is an equihash asic.


Since ZEC always wanted to be ASIC resistant with this news there is rumours of coin changing algo and.. old algo lovers to keep current one live.

ZEC Markets

Great to see WEX here, register to these guys if you havent. Binance and Bitfinex as usual in top.

Worth to note there is already some split chains/forks of ZEC that are popular and traded - ZCL, HUSH, ZEN, BTCP...

Worth to note that original creator of STEEM - Dan loved Equihash, and he even put a bounty back then to implement it here.

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The mining cartels are ruthless. They will leave no coins untouched, and the centralization the create is mind boggling.

This eventual split will see both coins supported due to cartels wanting to get a ROI on the equipment purchased.


sad but true and claiming the fork could compromise your privacy when spending the original coin

I am very interest to crypto but i have no better idea about it

These asic miners seriously are destroying POW I have a feeling most new coins will be moving to POS or something else.

Zcash.... Miners are the problem. .. Just pray new coin dont move to POS. thanks for the infor

Dan loved Equihash

I wonder his feelings on it now? @ironshield

I have followed and resteemed...
Success is your

If I remember correctly Monero also had to fork a few days ago because of a similar problem, right? Interesting to see Dan's post as well.
Crypto world, it never disappoints............keeps everybody on their toes. It is always evolving, puling me deeper and deeper.


You're correct. The XMO split a few weeks ago was due to a change to try and stop ASICs. Anytime there is not 100% consensus(Probably will never happen. Just need one node to not upgrade and continue the old chain...) there will be a fork. Of course, holding a coin that forks is gonna give you some of each!


Even if we move away from asic you can still rack and stack towers with gpu's and with most coins halving emissions at some point are we eventually just going to race to the bottom with mining as the hash rate is still ever increasing with regards to bitcoin.