ShipChain ICO - Transport and Logistics on Blockchain

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Moving products between places is pretty much what drives current world. We buy food that was grown elsewhere, sell products to places where they dont exists etc. Tracking of everything get complex and often loosy at some point. For example if you ship something from EU to USA, after 30 days if you use royal/locla mail you wont be able to track where package is.


tldr; We cut costs by no middlemen, we can track exact products from farm up to door of consumer and both parties can be sure the bought/sold product is exactly same that was sent originally. The better people work/deliver the more they make due to big transparency and verification.

Why this looks good?

Their partners are already companies like Perdue or Direct Outbound.
The team is amazing ie former CEO, and Global Head of Sales and e-Commerce at DHL Global Forwarding.
Advisors have ie former CFO of Miramax Films.
The roadmap for 2018 looks really good and whitepaper seems to cover every detail.


Currently, you can apply for presale and then we have official ICO this month.

Website with whole team and advisors:

Of course do your research before investing.

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So ShipChain will launch at 2018?

Yes, 2018. Pre-sale in January.

Thats the wrong link. Here is the correct one:

Good catch!!!

This is going to be a very good one!

I have checked out the website and tried to apply for pre sale but the button is not working? Maybe I have to wait for the public offering? Could be a good place to put $1,000 USD to help fund these needed services. I would be willing to deliver a few hundred boxes 📦 in my Yukon! 🤠

I'm a big fan of this project. If I had more money to risk on speculation, I'd have signed up for the presale. Commercial shipping is a HUGE market, the ShipChain team is stellar, and the solution is a great fit for the problem.

I think they require $5,000 minimum for the presale. I can't afford to lose that much money speculating -- if you can, I recommend giving this a shot. Could be YUGE.

$3,000 minimum for the pre-sale according to their Whitepaper.

What do you think the theory is behind setting the minimum so high? That's almost wall street buy in money.

I don't know. @sephiroth do you?

I think that Titanium will be one of the main instruments used to rebuild the internet. I used meta mask to transfer my ethereum to Titanium and got my Bars almost instantly. You have 5 days left to get a 10% bonus no tokens. Here is a link to the site:

How is it different from Vechain, Wabi and some of the other tracking decrentralized platfom? Looks more of the same to me.

@jerseynash I feel the same way about PowerLedger. They may be one of the first to bring the concept out, but the most successful will be the one with the broadest adoption. I am not saying that ShipChain can do it better, I think that one of any of the options could be successful. With ICOs like this, I am very hesitant to bet the farm for the exact concern you point out.

VeChain / WaBi are for manufacturers and suppliers for product verification. ShipChain will deliver the products that VeChain verifies.

Ripple really is a fucking banksters scam....they sell it for BTC/LTC/ETH only to get hold of your crypto then they refuse to buy their scam tokens back off you.

Shipchain be very liquid to 2018 @kingscrown

how many new areas will emerge we don't know yet

ShipChain ICO is effective for Blockchain.

Normally wouldn't shill own article, but really think there's a compelling new nugget/brick to discuss concerning "Who is Satoshi Nakamoto"...

My husband is in Supply Chain and this is a very interesting concept. I am going to make sure he reads this. Thank you for this information, I intend to invest in this opportunity.

Too many supply chain ico

Very interesting to see Blockchain adoption to Transport and Logistic. Thanks @kingcrown for sharing. :-)

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I totally back this project but i find that if there was more money for me to risk in this project i would totally invest! Question though; ive been trying to order for pre-sale but the button isnt functional??? Solution...?

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I am getting heavy into Tron lately. A no brainier. Already seen huge gains in that from a few days ago.

I believe I saw a piece on Vice News Tonight about this company a few months ago. They seem legit, with an actual product, and a concept that has already been put into action. Most ICOs don't have any proof of concept so this is exciting for Shipchain

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Inovasi yang bagus, Semoga bisa mencapai asia juga.

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Nice post. Thanks for sharing.

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Thank you so much for this interesting info.

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wow..this a good project, can wait to look how its will develop.

wonderfull brother(Bhaiya)

Soon we would see a new world or blockchain system , our global centralized system. wow!

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Thank you very much for the information. I will try and certainly after doing research. This is very good news. Let me share this post for my friends. Thank you @kingscrown.

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In today's globalised World ShipChain is doing wonderful job through easy and powerful solution "Track and Trace. It's making life easy and comfortable. Thanks gor sharing such nice information.

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Any cryptos you would suggest to look at for those just getting started in cryptos?

this is really good....

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Very interesting application of blockchain technologies, I’m sure this is going to be a major market specially because international logistics tend to face transaction issues very often, such as the time that it takes to be completed not to mention the fees and intermediaries involved. I’m definitely destinating some dollars to ShipChain, I think this is revolutionary for international logistics and supply chain management. Looking forward to follow its development.

Thanks for sharing @kingscrown and congratulations for your work!

#shipchain #logistics #supplychain

There are so many good buys at the minute that we're spoiled for choice. I'm in for Crypterium, Belugapay, Ethos, CPAY , Tron and Qash this month... theres just too dam many but I'll keep my eye on this for sure, good post.

Seems nice for me. But everyone has to use your chain to track product. Farm, transport, etc. Every place which gets and moves product.

How do you check is this specific ('your') product? QR code? Bar code?
How people will put into blockchain the product? Are you creating device for tracking?

This solution seems to address a real use case in supply chain, but question is what are they going to use the token for and why should it be valued?

If anyone is wondering what an ico is or needs a bit more insight into it please take a look at my post ..... @kingscrown

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Considering that many nowadays meet with similar problems of logistics, the project looks very interesting and promising.

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This application doesn't seem to make the most sense to me. Don't see how it will solve the problems they state.

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This is a terrific idea. The need for transporting goods will always be there and ship chain will make it more efficient than ever before! Great Article.

Very interested in logistics/supply chain cryptos. Thanks for introducing me to another one!

hmmm interesting! will look into shipchain, thanks :)

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