HyperSpace - UBI based Online Content Economy Platform

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We love getting paid for reading and writing content. HyperSpace is a platform which uses Universal Basic Income where authors get voted up depending on quality of their content.

The Idea

In HyperSpace, each active user receives a daily allocation of AMP as Universal Basic Income. With this income, they’re free to participate in the platform in whichever way they wish: to support their favorite creators, to Amplify and increase the reach of certain posts on the network – earning more if others do the same, to stake the funds necessary to establish their own new Spaces, or to invest the amount required for their post to be published to a Space.

UBI is the foundation allowing HyperSpace to draw the best content creators to its platform and for the best communities on the web to form and thrive.

Join and Read How it Works

To join you have to register on the site. image.png

  • https://hyperspace.app/
  • Verify mobile to receive tokens right away (not all countries are allowed)
  • Post to get Amplified from other users and earn

UBI Points

To receive UBI, sign up to HyperSpace and verify your account using your mobile phone.

To continue receiving UBI every day, you need to spend the AMPs you’ve received on previous days.
You can store up to three days’ worth of UBI-AMPs before you’ll stop receiving new ones. Go out there and spend them!

The daily UBI per user is given in AMPs with a value equivalent to $0.33. This number is calculated every day based on a 7-day moving average taken from coinmarketcap.com.

Subscription-based content services such as Spotify, Netflix, Apple Music, and YouTube Red charge approximately $10 per month for an ad-free service. Facebook’s monthly revenue per North American user is $9.20.

~$0.33 per day per user is what these leading platforms base their business models on. They need you to pay, with money or attention, for their offerings.
Those work for USA, loads of EU, Andorra and some others. This is mobile phone verification. If you make it you will get daily UBIs to use.

How to Post


  • Click create post
  • Chose space to post into
  • add Image
  • Submit and wait for manual approval

No spam here, all space owners check manually if the post fits their space and quality.

AMP Markets

THey trade since long time on Bittrex and Upbit respected exchanges that also have STEEM and you will earn their AMP token on the platform.

Follow me on HyperSpace


Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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HyperSpace has a different model where users get AMP for free every single day and users can support content creators with AMP. This is how, the quality and best contents will be rewarded more. Thank you @kingscrown for sharing this.

Wow, what a great idea. I'll be joining to check it out.

India is still not in their supported country list so I have to wait

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This sounds really interesting -thanks.

Wow great thanks for inform.I will try here bro.


try it!

I just joined and I followed you. Thanks for sharing this! it's a nice platform.

Great to know...will check it out. Thanks @kingscrown

Looks like an interesting project. Going to take a look later today. Thanks for the info @kingscrown

Thanks for reaching out friend!

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I like the idea, but there are so many content platforms. When will there be convergence?

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