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Contractium is smart contract app develop on Etherereum platform to use and make smart contract easily.This project is play a big role in future smart contracts by solving the problem that we faced today. The problem in Ethereum smart contract is coding language. Because Ethereum used its own coding language for making smart contracts. Hence developers have to learn the coding before making smart contracts. Which is lengthy andd time consuming process. So to solve this problem Contractium is come up with the idea of making smart contract app which will help in making smart contracts with very easy steps. you only need to do some easy steps to create smart contracts on Ethereum platform.

Contractium is coming with the concept of "Proof of Contracts" (POC) to fulfill the needs of future generation of smart contracts which to secure commercial deals between contractorss and contractees on the internet with our unique patent-pending Proof-of-Contract protocol.
The aim of Contractium is to eliminate traditional paper contracts which requires sign of two or more parties using Ethereum smart contracts.Ethereum is blockchain which is widely used for smart contracts purposes.Blockchain technology and smart contracts has too many advantage and many sectors like finance, education, banking, information, etc. trying to adopt blockchain technology for security and efficiency reasons.Ethereum already proven its smart contract technology. Many projects are using these contracts for there project developments. But only problem with Ethereum smart contract is langauge of coding as said earlier. Ethereum not use popular language like C++, Java, python, etc. which used by world developers. So creating smart contract without any flaw is challenge for developers.Hence simple way for creating smart contract is require to attract new customers adopt blockchain technology. Too many new projects launching in single day based on Ethereum blockchain and many more will come. Hence there is requirement for tool which can create smart contract with less time, efforts and cost. This Opportunity is grab by the Contractium to make a smart contract app which create smart contract on ethereum blockchain with very easy steps. This project has great future ahead, because the blockchain adoption is increasing day by day and many more project will launch in upcoming days. So they can use Contractium smart contract app to create there smart contract with less cost, time and efforts. For Easy access of smart contract app Contractium is going develop the app for desktop and mobile. You can create smart contract by dragging-dropping, editing like we do in website builder apps.
Contractium Pre sale is live and will end soon so hurry if you want to invest in this project. The details of ICO is as follows.

The detail of Contractium tokens:
Token symbol: CTU
Token supply: 1,500,000,000
Token's future supply: 1,500,000,000
ICO token-price: 01 ETH = 15,000 CTU

Token allocation:
Pre-ICO & ICO 900,000,000
Contractium Team: 200,000,000
Foundation reserved: 100,000,000
Advisors & Partners: 100,000,000
Bounty & Marketing: 200,000,000

The ICO event has 4 periods as followed:
Private Sales: From 7th July 2018 to August 2018 ( as planned)
Pre-Sales: From August 2018 to September 2018 (as planned)
Public Sales: From September 2018 to October 2018 (as planned)
Token Sales: From October 2018 to November 2018 (as planned)

Each of the 4 ICO periods has each bonus rate as followed:
Private Sales: + 65% bonus.
Pre-Sales: + 45% bonus.
Public Sales: + 25% bonus.
Token Sales: + 15% bonus.

Target sales of each ICO periods as followed:
Private Sales: 15% of the fund.
Pre-Sales: 25% of the fund.
Public Sales: 35% of the fund.
Token Sales: 25% of the fund.

The demo app is already available on google play store. You can download it from Link :

So if you like the project then hurry and invest in project. You will get bonus tokens as mention above. If you want more info about project then please read whitepaper and website. If you have questions then please join telegram group. Don't forget to follow social media channels for latest updates on projects.

ICO page:
Mobile app store:

Social media account:
Youtube channel:
Twitter account of CEO:

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