Electroneum (ETN): The First British Cryptocurrency

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Electroneum (ETN) is one of the coin that recently came into the cryptocurrency space. Its at the ICO (Initial Coin Offering) stage and is scheduled to be launched on Exchanges come November 1st 2017.
Electroneum has a disruptive technology which represents a whopping leap forwards in the ease of usability and accessibility of a cryptocurrency.

The ease of use and availability of Electroneum opens up an expansive market of 2.2 billion smartphone users and the development team of Engineers have a proven track record of success.
An App developed for Electroneum allows you to manage ones online funds by sending and receiving payments with the simplicity of scanning a QR code, but takes things a notch further by offering the App user a cryptocurrency mining expereince, without the technical know-how or dedicated hardware that is usually required in mining Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Hack Proof:

The Electroneum development team says its impossible to hack the system, with its offline wallet.
"If you imagine every grain of sand in the world as a lottery – the odds against someone gaining access to an Electroneum offline wallet is the same as them winning every single one of those lotteries AT THE SAME TIME".

Future of Electroneum:
Electroneum development team has built a custom Electroneum Blockchain that allows it to launch several disruptive, technologies and features to the cryptocurrency market. They have plans for mass adoption to reach tens of millions of Electroneum users across the globe.

You can opt in here to buy some Electroneum if you decide to:


Thanks for sharing this concise information. I already bought some yesterday. Fingers crossed for a successful launch and adoption of the coin.