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Introduction is a platform created in order to date and match two populations which are distinct. They are the knowledge creators like researchers, universities and the innovators like SMEs, entrepreneurs etc.

Three major features are combined in the platform: database, reliable ecosystem and a knowledge assess facilitator. The database is to bring the innovators and knowledge creators together. The part of the reliable ecosystem is to provide a fast turnkey service that makes the contracting and connection between two or more actors possible. A knowledge assess facilitator is a search engine which helps innovators and knowledge creators to communicate and understand each other.

Knowledge creators and innovators are united in a globalized circular knowledge economy by The wonderful values such as openness, fairness and progress in harmony are the base of the platform.


They say that you cannot describe blockchain as a revolution. It is named a phenomenon which is like a tsunami and advances slowly and envelops everything as it is a progress.

The platform is the first one that decentralized marketplace on the Stellar BlockChain. The platform`s annual transactions are supported thanks to the blockchain. The infrastructure which is reliable, globally established and freely accessible that is thanks to a low cost. The secured technical environment and the tools are provided by the blockchain. They are for removing technical and administrative barriers which are connected with the banking systems.


The CTY token is a utility token the intention of which is to serve as a knowledge currency on the platform in order to use all the services that it offers.

Many things are possible to be done with the help of the token. For example, it allows get knowledge from knowledge creators and when the contract is done the innovator will pay by tokens. It is possible to buy things within the Knowledge Store. The one who holds the tokens is able to purchase goods in a shop integrated to the platform. A source of income can be provided by the token conversion to currency if needed.


The aim of the platform is bringing together innovators and knowledge creators in one place. The intention of is to cover all the spheres of science by means of representing all the specialties which are presented by stakeholders from different countries. They want to create an enormous network of innovators and knowledge creators in order to speed up the development of various poles of knowledge.

To sum it up, the aim of is the current ecosystem of knowledge dynamization is implied be the true circular advent.

The platform itself is very easy to use and comfortable for both knowledge creators and innovators. The artificial intelligence of the platform makes it easy for the innovators because it translates the request into “business” and “scientific” language. It offers a list of experts and the innovator can choose any desirable expert and as soon as everything is approved he will get his answer.

The creator can respond to requests and when it is accepted and finished, he will get CTY tokens. They can be exchanged in fiat currency just in one click.

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