Lex Futurus are advisors for the GenEOS blockchain project

in blockchain •  6 months ago

Lex Futurus Group is a group of blockchain lawyers located in various parts of the world. We have incorporated entities in Russia and the United Kingdom, for purposes of establishing a legal presence in various geographic regions.

Recently, we were invited to advise the GenEOS blockchain project.

On its website, GenEOS project is shown to be led by Aetsoft, a developer of decentralized applications (dApps). GenEOS is also advised by their advisory partners, OpenLedger, and NextGen.One. It seems to have a great team behind it, and the structure of the project itself shows that it is a business endeavour, built by collaboration between several business entities.

Here is a YouTube video announcing that we are advising on the GenEOS project.

The GenEOS blockchain project is an open source project. It will be focused on business applications, and is positioned as a blockchain solution for businesses to build various applications.

The GenEOS blockchain project is built on the EOS blockchain, one of the world's most successful blockchain projects.

We feel deeply honoured by the opportunity to serve, and look forward to supporting the GenEOS blockchain project and the team behind it.

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