The Blockchain Future is BRIGHT!

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Part two of our stand up act at the Blockchain Economic Event in Toronto. In the second half, we talk to two 15 year olds who are doing amazing stuff already with blockchain! Our blockchain future is secure.


The future is bright indeed! I like the fact the kids felt like they were already in the right spot and didn’t think any other college or school was going to take them further. The foundations and private societies are what’s moving things forward. They are a shinning example of this fact. I enjoyed the stage performance and wouldn’t mind seeing more of that, maybe with some audience Q&A. Thanks for the post! Resteem

Thanks for the upload! Always good to hear from Max & Stacy!!!

I feel crypto is a Type 1 economy on the The Kardashev scale. The Kardashev scale was refenced when Michio Kaku said that the internet was a Type 1 phone system.

The Kardashev scale is a method of measuring a civilization's level of technological advancement.

That was a true peek into future, with a representatives of the New Generation. Excellent show (actually in two episodes), @keiserreport! Had to link it here:

Indeed the future is crypto and its funny how everyone has said it collapsed umm must have missed something. I also get the government will stop it speech a lot er how I say. The only way is to turn off the internet and I dont think that will work well. So it here to stay and will change humanity, just hope its soon 💯🐒

great! thanks for the video! :) upvoted!
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Amazing, good information, tankyou my sir☺☺

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