Blockchain for Cuba: Revolupay

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Can a blockchain help Cuba's nascent US tourist business? As we all know, there's been a decades long blockade of Cuba which President Obama rolled back, but there's still a problem with tourism due to the absence of a payment systems infrastructure (thanks to said previous sanctions). Steve Marshall of Cuba Ventures has come up with Revolupay. ¡A means to bring remittances and tourists to Cuba with a travelcoin!


Take a look at Max Keiser's interview with the guy (from 12.35) and let me know what you think in the comments below:


They should just use STEEM and forget travelcoin since its best to SIMPLY use Steem/SBD

And EOS could really be interesting, i know Cuba has a Sneaker net

This is such a great idea!!

Only true genius could revolutionaze by blockchain the country with no internet.
Like Obama declare a cyberwar on a country with no electricity.

So true

Wonderful idea...... Blockchain in Cuba will help override a lot of restrictions

good post!

though the jp morgan company is strongly opposed to blockchai but I think it will be something that will lead to significant progress on this work. this is something everyone wants.

this will be a new revolution that will bring about drastic changes. I think with blockchain there will be nothing to lose because blockchain is a cutting-edge technology that will bring civilization of the human economy to a very positive thing. this is a very interesting thing in my opinion. thanks so much

As someone who has been to Cuba recently... the problem is restriction to internet. The government highly controls it. You can only access the internet with a special wifi card in a handful of designated wifi access points in each city. It's very expensive: $1 to $3 an hour, when the average monthly salary is $20 to $40. You can imagine the government will closely monitor activity, punish those who try to do anything against the state and shut down all websites promoting something like this.

i’m not cuban, but I’ve coordinated events with cubans en sitio over email. I wish the best to crypto in Cuba, but the internet situation is incredibly depressing. often my colleagues couldn’t download the tiniest of files.

Instead of inventing Another crypto they should just use Steemit. I see people from Asia making blogposts about using steem (not sure steem or sbd?) to buy stuff in stores. There are so many cryptos they don't need to invent one. Just pick a good one or ten and use it.

Agree their are to many cryptos and only a few actually are worth anything. The Asian market seems to love this place and use steem constantly from observing posts here. We don't need more cryptos but more specific adaptions we have here. Cuba got a bad rapport from the New York news channels. People from the US have complained about hearing loss from staying overnight there at one place. With negative press like that it will take a while to become popular with US Tourists.

Between 1999 and 2001, Steve Marshall, CEO of Cuba Ventures, pioneered the first Cuban remittance and online store, not unlike today’s Amazon, called “Cuba Gift Store”. Knowledge gleaned from, what was then a ground-breaking venture, allied to today’s modern mobile app, blockchain and overall advances in technology mean that the many manual processes needed almost two decades ago are now easily automated through disruptive technology such as the blockchain. The company feels that today’s Cuba, with its extensive use of mobile technology, nationwide cellular network and thousands of Wi-Fi hotspots, creates a fresh and, currently untapped, opportunity in the $3.4 Billion remittance and $750 Million private enterprise sectors.

I am cuban, first they need to have Internet everywhere not only in the parks and hotels and then could be but I was trying to give some workshops about crypto las year there and I was not aloud to ;). It is an island, very easy to control everything that happens, believe me. Not cuban people do not really know how works there and they always have problems at the end. Someone make a money outside the Cuban Central Bank??? I do not think so would be possible ;)

Edit: and I could add more details why but... would need to make a post. He do not understand the monetary system there.

Why is the internet not everywhere in Cuba? It is because the government wants to limit the access to the network or just due to investment in internet infrastructure within the country?

About the technological infrastructure ... they wanted to throw a fiber optic cable from Venezuela and someone in Cuba stole all the material and nothing happened ... neither cable nor Internet ... this is how Cuba works and I'm not exaggerating, believe me. But you need to live there as a cuban to understand all this, not to go as a tourist or famous person ...

Both of them, of course, the government does not want people to have free access although it seems that they are already realizing that with the opening made so far it will be very difficult to block everything else so there is truly more Internet connectivity but only in public spaces, squares, parks and also in hotels. The private internet at home is for people with privileges, understand government or close people. But it's not just about the Internet, it's about how Cuba works ... it's an island, something very different from a continent where countries have borders and people can move around. And about the monetary system the control is much stronger than whatever you know... Cuba have a Central Bank. You should read some of the posts of this profile they are a lot of true inside them ;)

"Not allowed to". Not allowed. That is communism 101. Not allowed my ass you should be able to have a debate about all kinds of topics. Some might even argue that crypto currencies would help communism bring more justice to the people as the wealth can be spread around instantly on every mobile device if one chose to do so. Not allowed lmao.

Not allowed my ass

What do you mean? Have you been in Cuba before??? I live there 29 years and go every year 2 times and again people will be not allowed to use the Cryptos and if you do they will put you in jail ... also people do not have internet at home, how they will do??? Not everybody have a smartphone ... You do not have ANY idea how is Cuba honestly!!!Not allowed because they can not controlled. Is a small island not a continent, you can not run anywhere ...
Edit: Cryptos does NOT have to do ANYTHING with Communism, Communism is CENTRALIZATION!

Just want to say that I understand the island problem.

It doesn´t matter what´s the country or the regime, cryptocurrency has the power to free everyone...


Keep in mind that before the embargo Cuba was the top foreign travel destination for US citizens. They want money coming into their economy and US citizens return to pre-embargo days the minute it is allowed. This is a custom made case study for the advantages of cryptocurrency.

Get more SBD on Steemit... big bang for the buck!!!

A way for people to trade value for value without a middleman, is it not? That’s very informative!

I'm for free speech everywhere! This is great!

nice project

Most valuable information. This communist country need US help to prosper their economy.

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Bright future, believe and fight for it

How interesting!
I want to travel to Cuba in the near future.

Cuba is communist so i don't see revolution in a short period of time.This is a mind set of living together with low crime rate where people are still humman and help each other.

great content!

Very informative post about blockchain in cuba

instead of making a new cryptocurrency,they should work on having better internet,if you dont have internet you can´t do transactions.

That’s very informative!

Another example of the positive impact the blockchain is having on everyday people.

A way for people to trade value for value without a middleman, is it not?

Cuba for blockchain? Sure why not? They can finally do some good business without the US bothering them.

Blockchain is the fastest growing technology in the universe

Wow impresive ^^


Hello max and stacy, can you please write about the venezuelan cryptocurrency petro? we will know more about that, and what you think about it! saludos desde Venezuela!!

Viva cuba libre

How is the Cuban economy going? I'm happy they appear to be on the right path

What's it called?
Che pay
Cuba Libre

Wishing all the best about crypto in Cuba.

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