Just Blogging with eSteem at the 2018 Blockchain Superconference in Dallas

in #blockchain2 years ago (edited)


I’m here in Dallas at the blockchain conference. It’s super packed. We have more people than seats and the halls are crowded. What’s more, there is a satelite location they called a “soft fork”.


John McAfee was a headliner but is now absent from the program. No announcement has been made. Nobody knows why he isn’t on the list anymore. I didn’t come because of John, but the organizers clearly knew something with enough time to inform us because the programs were printed well before the start of the conference. Do you know why John is no longer on the schedule?


Update: John McAfee showed up and gave a pretty good talk. Word has it that he was concerned about safety if his speaking time was published beforehand.

I'm relatively new to Steemit. When searching it on the app store and seeing eSteem show up I wasn't sure if I should download it, but if it works for you then I'll give it a shot.