Delicia - Minimizing food waste for the benefit of the future

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The population on our planet is growing every year and according to the UN estimate by 2050 it will reach 9.7 billion people. With the increase in population, one can not help asking how to feed so many people. The increase in agricultural production is not far off, it is already growing and the question is not only the amount of food for the population but in its quality. The more natural the product, the faster it spoils, but even products with a long shelf life, with poor implementation - goes to the dump. Many restaurants and cafes try to solve this problem, as well as retailers.

A team with vast experience in the field of information technology, as well as experience in business, has developed a unique project - Delicia, which allows maximizing the use of food products and reducing losses.

Delicia is a universal decentralized food network based on Blockchain and AI technology. СетьDelicia is an opportunity to buy in real time products that are in excess in restaurants, cafes, grocery stores or supermarkets at discount prices.

Using an application that is based on artificial intelligence, people around the world will be able to obtain affordable quality products. The system provides for the credibility of those sellers who deliver quality products to their customers, and thereby build trust and build long-term relationships. Buyers are satisfied with the quality and cost of products, and sellers - the number of orders.

To pay for orders, they will use their own tokens, which are called "DFT". By introducing a non-cash ecosystem, consumers can use tokens by paying for their products in supermarkets, bars and restaurants, using the Delicia app. Sellers, in turn, with the help of the application, can publish shares, discounts on goods whose expiration date comes to an end or the goods are just a lot, thereby providing instant realization. Again, everything is in the win. The application can be configured by its location, as well as by the individual search for products or restaurant, supermarket. Payment will be made only with the help of DFT tokens, cash and cards will not be used. Blockchain logs all transactions and can be tracked and verified in real time by both the buyer and the seller. The minimum commission is only for the seller and will be charged for each transaction in the form of DFT tokens.

Distribution of Delicia tokens:
Soft Cap - $ 5 million
Hard Cap - $ 33 million
Token Price: $0.01
Pre-sale Start Date: May 31, 2018
Pre-Sale Bonus: 30% (only for whitelist)
Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH, NEO, AMN, CMT and QSP

It is known that in France already since 2016 the law prohibits the release of food products from stores, the violation is punishable by a decent fine. And this is a good example for all other countries in order to minimize food waste, for the benefit of the future.
Read more about the Delicia project by clicking on the links:

Telegram | Website | Whitepaper | Twitter | Faсebook

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Food production does not keep pace with population growth

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