GIFT - A Mass Adoption Crypto Coin

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A Mass Adoption Crypto Coin

There is a problem with public digital currency adoption.
Most of this lack of acceptance stem from fear of risk of loss.
What happens to coins transferred to newbies, maybe those without wallets?
What about currency holders who die without leaving adequate written instructions?

Welcome to ‘gift coin’ my concept for a new ‘token’ for the NEW economy. I believe the gifting economy is the next evolution of human relation and economy. New ‘Volunteerism’ and gifting economy will dictate how resources, knowledge, time and and valuable data are disseminated.

What solutions allow us to shift reliably to, and achieve frictionless mass adoption wealth growth and exchange-? Gifting- A blockchain Gift coin that allows gthe gifting of many digital assets. GIFT coin is a public P2P network with multisig with the express mission secure, build legacy and speed adoption of digital currency.

A Public ERC20 smart contract digital currency and network secured by Blockchain technology.

Allows user to gift digital tokens to any named individual or entity, i.e. Corporation.

Multi-Signature technology via our partner Co/Pay for spending- Insures Funds are never lost by new users.

Peer gift ‘Ideas’ and proposals will trend on network be subject to rewards for creator and be available for outright gifting by peers on the network. All are available for gifting.

New gift ideas fully tokenisable/proposable always upon the network.

Release of gift tokens can be timestamped to unlock/open after particular UTC date or upon blockchain death notification of any signatories. All signatories must register on blockchain obituary (to be created).

Makes digital wealth willable.

Allows for viral mass adoption and safe spending/distributing of digital assets.

My current preferred capacity for project is proposal or concept guy. My only request is an invite to a steering committee of new project if/when someone runs with this. I Would like to guide and maintain original intent. JG 11/2017

If you like this mass adoption and solutions coin proposal please resteem and promote.

Share your feedback.

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I think it has some great potential ;)

How big can Steemit actually get?
This is a question most of us have asked, i think it is safe to say that the majoriy of us see the potential Steemit has and therefore expect it to grow exponentially, i took a look at some numbers of social media sites like facebook and other social media platforms. The market is huge, im talking billions of users.

Facebook and Tumblr combined have a little over 2.5 Billion monthly users, most of us jumped right on Steemit from the moment we heard about it, why wouldn't you. I think that most people will, so in my opinion it's just a matter of time before alteast 5% of the users of Facebook and Tumblr will flock to Steemit.

If the 5% actually do cross over it will mean Steemit would have an extra 126 million users!

And in what kind of timeframe should we be thinking?
As you can see social media platforms grew super fast compared to tradional media, it think this will only get faster and faster. Everybody is more connected then ever , the devolpment of platforms and technology is at an alltime high so maybe Steemit wil grow even faster and bigger!

I certainly think its a good possibility and expect massive growth, what do you think? do you also think its going to pick up steem? let me know in the comments!

Upvote & Comments are much appreciated!


Only as fast as WE can spread the word... I am Morpheous and distribute the red pill everywhere I go.

Definitely some potential here, there would really have to be some thought put into it, and also make it easy at the same time. Great idea though.

I think the Blockchain Obituary that is to be created is one of the best ideas to incorporate into a project dealing with cryptocoins.


And OBITS is already taken.

It's has a huge potential
As since birth of mankind it's find of so called GIFTS and you are for GIFTS right...Ahh i mean money Sorry..


Money = gift in the language of any primate.

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