Join WELL’s Webinar with Glenn Harrold, World Renowned Hypnotherapist

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What is the more important — to treat a person or to сure a particular disease? Modern medicine offers both approaches. In the first case, the mental state of the patient is even more influential and has a significant effect on the treatment process. However, the issues of mental health are relevant for entirely healthy and prosperous people. Politicians and business professionals resort to hypnotherapy in their daily lives, and the hypnotherapists themselves increasingly turn to the themes of awareness and psychotherapeutic practices to cure diseases of the body.

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The WELL team won’t miss the opportunity to have a conversation on this topic with the incredibly busy hypnotherapist and the world’s top online hypnotherapy consultant, Glenn Harrold. He will join us on Friday’s webinar. This will be a unique chance for the WELL community to learn about the use of hypnotherapy in modern healthcare. Be sure not to miss this special webinar discussing hypnotherapy on March 30th at 6 PM GMT!

“As an advisor specializing in mindfulness, hypnotherapy and mental wellness I’m looking forward to this webinar and will be glad to offer useful advice and guidance to the WELL community!”, — Glenn Harrold.

About Glenn Harrold: Glenn recently joined the WELL Advisory Board. He is one of the world’s most successful hypnotherapists. He has helped thousands including many celebrities in a 20-year-career and has sold over 10 million hypnosis CDs, MP3 downloads and Apps. In 2006 he received a gold disc from Nielsen BookData for sales of £250,000 of his best-selling hypnosis CD, Complete Relaxation.

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