A Crypto Anarchists Vision

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I felt like it was wrong to suggest a society (some would deem farfetched) without explanation as to how we would get there but it soon became too cumbersome to put into one article.


Instead, I'll express parts of what it would look like. Over all, society will utilise Blockchain for governance and create a completely voluntary system where violence is not used to run it like today's.

No Tax!

Tax is not forced upon people with violence, no income, GST, death or capital gains tax imposed unless agreed to prior.

Free market

Anyone can start a business, online or physically. No company registry fee but simply a record deployed on the Blockchain which allows issuing shares, board control and all the other functions and more supported by classic firms today.

Should say a restaurant want to assure customers of their health and safety, then they can have inspections organised by a private business which will then grant them their certification.

The base contract

One of the first things people think of in anarchy is people going nuts without the threat of police, like stealing, rape and murder.

The base contract is a standard contract the majority of the community would sign voluntarily which creates a pact that they will not steal, rape, murder, etc. Upon signing this contract they accept certain consequences outlined in the contract. E.g. should you murder, you will be deemed a danger to the community and you will take both a fine and jail time for doing so.

Businesses may decide not to do business with anyone who has failed to sign the contract, should they decide to do so this is marked against their reputation and they'll risk the community alienating them for doing so.


Police would be replaced by a private service which acts as protection for the community. A town can choose from a range of businesses which offer such things and enjoy the cost benefits of market competition.

The people of the communities themselves can decide how much they'd like to pay towards it, those who do not contribute do not have the right to make calls to the service.

Patrol cars on roads won't have the right to pull cars over, but can make an attempt, a driver can then decide if they'd like to pull over or continue driving. The result is recorded against that person on a Blockchain. Then the community can decide any reputation repercussions for doing so.


Private healthcare and ambulances would have replaced government funded services. A deposit is made in an escrow smart contract which is used to pay for an ambulance in emergency situations. Healthcare is sold in a free market with mutual aid society schemes as well.


Private organisations can establish basic math and literacy standards similar to that we have today the public can vote on a common one which employers and the general public would expect as we do in today's society, private schools can then use these as goals for students to reach. High schools will not be all-rounders like they are today but specialise in certain industry education, e.g. Software development high schools, etc.
Upon completion of high school education, their transcripts are recorded on the Blockchain as prerequisites to other high-level education.


Without government, fiat currencies like the United States or Australian dollar even exist. Instead, cryptocurrencies are used, people will have the option to hold a token representing whatever they believe to be the best value, whether that's gold, shares or Bitcoin, it can be easily dissolved upon trade.


It's extremely hard to get away with theft of crypto-based assets, of which all money, houses and shares are based on. Yes, you can point a gun at someone and demand that crypto is sent, but when the majority votes to reverse the transfer the thief gets nothing. Any business which was to accept the asset for goods and services while the money is tagged would also risk gaining a bad reputation.

Financial aid to those in need

One of the biggest hurdles of dispersing donated money to the poor is figuring out where it's best utilised and deserved. Too many people cheat and lie to government based systems about their circumstances in order to receive payments which may then be spent on harmful or wasteful things like drugs, gambling or luxury items.

Instead, those who are seeking assistance voluntarily turn over their transaction history for assessment, those with wholesome purchases of food and shelter with the discipline of saving money are favoured over the cheats.

By publishing the assistance these donations have made, the donators have visibility of the power of their contribution and could be motivated to donate more. This will also increase their reputation in the community for their philanthropy.

The presence of the heroic is in more of the public eye compared to today's means, typically delivered by the media.


"To say that majorities, as such, have a right to rule minorities, is equivalent to saying that minorities have, and ought to have, no rights, except such as majorities please to allow them. " Lysander Spooner

The world's system is moving to Blockchain, Governments won't last forever, Hello, World!


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