MetaHash is the next generation network based on Blockchain 4.0 technology

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MetaHash is the next generation network based on Blockchain 4.0 technology

Entering the era of industry 4.0, various technologies that will change the industry have sprung up. One such technology is Blockchain. As one of the basic technology mentioned will change many industrial patterns. As technology is predicted to be the technology of the future in the world, Blockchain continues to experience developments over time so that this advanced technology can be used in various aspects of life in society such as personal identity security, land and property ownership registration, and gold tracking digitally, digital asset. Benefits of Blockchain's use are the results of Blockchain exploration conducted by several major technology-based companies in the world such as IBM, Hyperledger, Microsoft, Oracle, MasteCard, and many more technology and banking companies participating in the development of Blockchain technology in the world.

If we look at the journey and track record of Blockchain's use to date it seems Blockchain technology as a technology of the future, Blockchain Usability above be proof that Blockhain can be the answer to the problems that occur in the world community. The presence of Blockchain technology indirectly will also drive digital transformation for companies in the world. Like the payment process, personal identity validation is set up automatically, Due to this modern era, the protection of one's privacy takes precedence. Therefore the use of Blockchain in this sector is considered very large. And now has come a platform based on the progress of technology blockchain 4.0

Metahash is a platform for sharing for storing any information in Blockchain with crypto 4k and multi-signature protection and can transact within 3 seconds to approve within the MetaHash network and beyond, can also exchange digital assets and this can make we manage decentralized applications and services on a timely or real time basis. In the Metahash platform there are 4 components that make this platform different from other platforms.

Four system components :

  • TraceChain
    Having more than five billion transactions per day, and having no more than three seconds to validate a transaction is an unprecedented and unprecedented speed.
  • MetaApps
    A cloud service for smart smart real-time evolution applications and can be used to decentralize any service. This is an independent program that can exist forever and not anyone's
  • MetaGate
    MetaGate is an open source program, so all developers can embed portions of code into their own applications and browsers.
  • MetaHashCoin
    MetaHash is a self-development system embedded in its genetic code. MetaHashCoin we can also use for the payment tool:
  1. Transaction
  2. Data storage
  3. Application operation
  4. Other services

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This team, which has been in this company for the last 10 years, has created a huge ad network. The company's large data processor itself combines petabytes of data services, fast NoSQL and SQL databases, artificial intelligence systems and C ++ libraries for highly advertised services, processing requests for ads from across the internet.

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This team has an ad network of more than one billion impressions per day. This team is one of the strongest teams in the world to buy advertising across all advertising networks with its own translator staff and advertising specialists in the local market.

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Agranovsky IT is a company engaged in investment, investing in IT pioneer companies and accompanying the company's growth from idea to IPO. Founder Anton Agronovsky is an investor, expert, opinion leader in the field of establishment and development of IT companies. Member of SMX Plastic Media and Communication Council. In 2008-2017 - founder and president of Destiny Development, one of the first gaming companies in the Russian Internet market is well known for its own development and localization.

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This team has a staff of 17 employees in the field of Operations

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Graduated MGIMO in 2000 at the faculty of international law. Legal practice in technology, media, and new intellectual property for more than 15 years. He works at Art. Lebedev Studio, Odnoklassniki, Myspace Russian office, on MTV channels, Discovery, Amedia, and Amediateka online cinema. Helped to develop EKSMO publishing house, Fox TV channel. Expert at the Russian Electronic Communications Association (RAEC). Secondary education: Psychologist Consultant.

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Please visit the official website that has been provided sir

Investing in MetaHash provides opportunities to be one of the first to hold this new digital asset in the hopes that it will increase in valuation once its blockchain and DApp database is available to the wider public.

good concept in this platform

thank you for your appreciation

The team has experience and i think this project can be success

thank you for your appreciation

The use of blockchain is enormous and we can only thank satoshi for opening our eyes to it. It is great to see projects like this trying to explore the blockchain technology to its fullest. I will just make some further research on this and make my decision.

MetaHash is the next generational blockchain that would be adopted by all.

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