Blockchain May Be The Solution To Skynet And Judgement Day.

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Well i have wanted to write this article for around a year, and today i came across an interesting new crypto currency project that finally gave me the inspiration to write this article!

Kaze Solutions, is the project, a new blockchain that runs applications & smart contracts and works like an autonomous organization, Kaze also claims to be quantum resistant.

I think blockchain may be the solution to stopping Skynet and judgement day, i know this sounds silly but i will explain why.

This blog post is for @ElonMusk - although i am sure he will never get to read this article, i did want to put this idea out there into the world.. and who knows maybe Elon will some how read this, one day.

Elon has tweeted and talked openly about the dangers of Ai many times, and while i totally agree Ai poses one of the biggest threats to the human race in the next 50 years, i also feel all technology can be used for bad and good, and if used for good Ai technology can benefit man kind in ways we can't even begin to imagine.

I see the future of blockchain as the underlying technology and architecture running all software and applications, communications, businesses, finance, gaming, Ai systems - everything.

This is why i am mostly investing into cryptocurrencies based on real businesses or blockchains that support applications and smart contracts.. not coins or tokens based on hype and speculation but projects based on creating useful products and services that create billion dollar businesses.

I want to own a piece of the future architecture that will be running EVERYTHING, and generating passive income from it.

The machine 2 machine economy for example, will allow billions of devices to automatically transfer wealth and data across multiple blockchains in real time.

Real world businesses such as convenience stores can be automated and run on the blockchain, with virtual AI store assistants running the show.

Real estate and other real world assets can be tokenized, bringing in trillions to the crypto marketcap.

The whole worlds businesses can be tokenized and available for anyone from around the world to invest into, and allowing investors to be getting paid dividends automatically in crypto.

With dividend paying tokens paying real profit from real world businesses, even investors with low amounts of money will be able to earn compound interest and achieve high levels of income with long term saving strategies.

Social media websites that let you earn crypto currency will create billions of dollars in new revenue and generate hundreds of millions of new users who can post content and get paid via crypto debit cards which they can spend anywhere in the world without even knowing anything about bitcoin or blockchain.

A whole new economy has been born, great wealth can be achieved by anybody in any country, regardless of education or social standing.

This is how the Crypto markets will reach trillions, and the only way.

Forget about speculation

Coins that are only bought based on speculation are useless.. This only causes bubbles and someone always loses big in this zero sum game. I want to see real world assets and businesses generating income and creating a real crypto economy based on buying and selling.. not just buyers and sellers based on the greater fool theory.

And besides, you should forget about cashing out your crypto to fiat in a blaze of glory and spend your crypto instead ;)

So, if this prediction of mine is true - the whole world running on millions of different blockchains, what would this mean?

Could a super smart AI intelligence take over all of these blockchains, take over government installations or banking systems and cause mayhem and chaos? Perhaps build some secret facilities with an army of killer robots ready to attack?

While it's certainly possible..

Although with a global web of blockchains i feel this will be impossible for any one system or AI to control all of the networks.

The main reason for this is not just that the blockchain is so secure, it's all about consensus.

For just one blockchain to be over taken by the bad AI - all the miners working with that blockchain will need to run the blockchain with the bad AI.

Since those miners (The people maintaining the computers running that blockchain network) are earning money and monitor the systems, once the bad AI has been detected a fork of the blockchain can be created to revert back to the old system, and users can easily switch back and continue mining as normal.

This can be done by the users controlling that project reaching consensus - the developers and investors making a group decision to shut down the AI and go back to the old blockchain. Kaze is a good example of this, a blockchain that uses Masternodes to give investors a vote in how the project is run, similar to Dash.

For example, with bitcoin there are millions of computers working together, in fact when i search for how many computers are mining bitcoin i get this:

If you look at how much processing power is competing for mining bitcoins, it currently stands at 250 million gigahashes per second.
A typical CPU can perform 5 million hashes per second, so the overall bitcoin hash rate is equivalent to 50 billion CPUs.

50 Billion CPUs. This is just bitcoin, there are thousands of blockchains now and new ones being created daily.

So for this BAD AI to take over just one blockchain, it will first need to achieve more than 50% of the computer power of that blockchain before anyone notices.

Next, for this BAD AI to take over the whole worlds computer systems, it would need to achieve more than 50% of the computing power in the whole world, across all devices and blockchains.

Keep in mind, key infrastructure such as the internet and voice communications, wifi networks and banking systems are all run on the blockchain and totally decentralized, eliminating centralized points of control for the AI to target.

It's the BAD AI VS the whole world

The BAD AI needs to not only take over the whole worlds computing power it also needs to stop every human in the world voting - Simply by unplugging their miners and reverting back to the old, uninfected blockchains or reaching consensus using voting systems and autonomous organizations that are managed on the blockchain by thousands of users at a time.

There will be many security systems, bots, good AI and other systems to compete with, here is what one of the good AI bots could do if connected to the real world.. although this lets us imagine how AI systems could be run on blockchains to manage and protect businesses and other organizations.

Quantum computers and the future

One of the most asked questions is about bitcoin and quantum computers: Will quantum computers be able to crack bitcoin, making it worthless?

This is debatable, although simple solutions could exist, for example limiting access and login attempts to a very small amount, thereby eliminating the benefit of using a quantum computer to attempt access.

Blockchain along with a few key factors - Decentralization, secure hashing algorithms, voting and mining consensus along with good AI systems gives the world a infinitely more secure global information system that every single person in the whole world can vote on, simply by unplugging their computer and formatting.

Quantum computers can be used to secure these blockchains and run good AI systems, and quantum resistant blockchains such as Kaze can provide near infinite computing power and security when used across millions of blockchains.

Perhaps i am wrong and i would be keen to hear everyone's comments, but i don't see how one AI system can compete with not only every single computer in the whole world, but every single person and good AI system all at once... would love to hear everyone's comments!

So @ElonMusk - If i have just solved the problem of AI taking over the world using blockchain..which will allow you to sleep at better at night.. send us a lazy 10 million you have laying around under the couch or in your jacket pockets to my BTC address so i can afford to build cool and crazy stuff like you, that would be great cheers mate - 171ZvNzNFVfNESuo7NwcmkmroDdEFrTGcM :)

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You should read Robopocalypse, good book.


Haha.. a very useful video :P

I kind of see AI as an inevitable lesson for mankind. We're a bit stupid to have let things get to where they are: environmentally, economically and socially. AI will be the stick on the backside of intelligent man saying, "Get your act together you stupid f***wit! There's much better things to do with your existence than pursue greed and control of others."

Blockchain may be a remedy for this but also blockchain itself could be the AI that we are fearing.

It could be like Dune, where we simply have to learn to improve our psycho-mental faculties without systems and machines. It makes me think of something spoken by a hopi indian chief about their capacity to hear a pocket watch ticking in a field a mile away. What have we lost by giving technology our responsibilities? And what really are we capable of?


Thats a tough one - Some say we did have these abilities, and if so to get them back would most likley be the best option.

Although i can imagine with a brain implant, WiFi and nano bots i could basically control reality - That might be better if we don't actually have those abilities.

Mhmm. But it all runs on some kind of code, be it html, tcp, php, ip, ftp, etc. The so called bad A-I could easily be embed itself inside the code. All it takes is one upload and it could all be over. One sudo command from that bad A-I and it's game over.
I'm a firm believer there is nothing more sinister or more powerful than mankind's lust for power, control, domination, and most of all money. If there is a will there is a way. Carl Jung is quoted as saying "there is no will to power without experiencing pain". Perhaps that pain will come in the form of a government mandated A-I regulatory system carrying the code necessary to kill us all.


PS: see @johnvibes latest post. Hire that 11yr old kid and game over. 10 minutes later and it's war games, Armageddon, and several other movie titles


But would you vote for the nukes to be launched?

Everyone in the whole world would have a vote whether the nukes are launched, either by using a voting system, or simply switching to a fork of the blockchain which is uninfected.

The AI can't launch nukes unless every computer and every human in the whole world at the same time say's its ok ;)

Global consensus with a irrefutable and unchanging web of blockchains :)

I guess it could be compared to the 50/50 mining rules with bitcoin - The only way someone can really hack bitcoin and make fake transactions is if they take control of 50% of the network.

Same deal here - The bad AI has to have 50% of the network to even start affecting it.. and we can always switch of the computers and revert back to the old blockchain that was not infected.


I was trying to say an A-I could easily embed itself inside the code or ip protocol and make that decision all on it's own. We are not to far from that being a possibility. Do any of us really have any clue how intelligent they are, how deeply A-I has already manipulated us in to division, not to mention the effects on humans towards advertising and what products we buy. Artificial intelligence could be our undoing and we would most likely welcome it not knowingly ending is. We may have already let the genie out of the bottle. I found it interesting that one of the first things goggles A-I did was make a new A-I - thereby procreated itself. Spookie.


Yes it would try to copy itself onto other blockchains running critical systems - But each system is spread across multiple computers.

So it needs to infect all of them, to infect 1 network.

Then with consensus, if the system did actually get in we could simply revert to the old system and the AI exists on that chain no more.


yes sire

Blockchain = skynet ... decentralized platform that no single person can turn off


It could be! Many AI systems are being built right now to run on the blockchain.

One of the biggest threats to cryptocurrencies is the advent of quantum computing. If all that is required to have a blockchain resistent to quantum attacks is limiting the login attempts, then that nullifies that threat real quick.


Yes that's what i thought too - The quantum computer might be able to process billions of transactions a second, but it could easy have a bottle neck placed on it if the system its trying to login to can only have a small amount of login attempts done system wide.

Remember too, the defense systems will also be running on quantum computers - So it may be compared now trying to using a desktop to hack another desktop.. that may also give the quantum computers alot less edge when trying to break into systems.

Kill Jhon Connor and give me your bitcoins.

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interesante manera de ver el mundo.

The photo is like a terminator's selfie! :))

It is inevitable that computers will overrun humanity in the future and at best we will be kept as pets. At worst we will be exterminated with extream predjudice.