Guess Who is a LynxChain Influencer!🙆‍♀️⭐🔝

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Yeeeesh peeps! It's official, I'm now a flawless LynxChain Influencer 🎈⭐LOOL🙏🔝🚀🎆

LynxChain is a new different blockchain that uses EOSIO code. It’s made to be user friendly & easier to understand than most blockchains!


Why LynxChain?
Decentralized apps are making good progress but current blockchains are too difficult for most end users to understand.

A simpler dApp framework is needed for mass market penetration. Resource management should be handled for users and all accounts must be free.

No User Resources
Users of LynxChain apps will never need to worry about RAM, CPU or Network nor understand the concept of staking.

👉LynxChain users can have account names with 4 characters or more, editable avatars, and editable user names!👏🏻👏🏻🙌

And accounts on Lynx are FREE! 🙊🎉

Get yours now:

And start playing Bombsweeper or Alien Invasion and get free LNX for playing! These are the two basic games live now but they will be introducing more new and cooler games soon! 😉

You can also join us on Chirp didn't you like earning crypto for posting? 🐦💬
🤓More about Chirp:

The Meme Queen👯‍♀️ @stellabelle is also pretty excited about this project! She is now a Lynx Legend as was one of the first users to get a verification check mark!!!✔🙅‍♀️😃🌟

And YOU should not wait more and join LynxChain!!! 🤗💃🕺


ahhahaah Welcome to the club!

Aahahah thanks!!! Great to see you on Steem!😁🙌🙌🙌

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yeah, i need to post more!

I just signed up, downloaded the wallet and played both games, thanks for introducing me to it. Its looks good but does need more games. I will keep my eye on it and look forward to see the Lynx blockchain grow.

Awesome!!!🤗 Happy you liked, it is just launched but 2 new games are coming very soon: Solitaire and Video Poker!😃🚀

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I dig games now. Have to check this out.

YEEEE Go🏁😉😀 You're welcome!!!🙌🎆

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Congratulations on being nominated an influencer, it must be the cheerful smile!

Thank you very much my friend😊 I invite you to try LynxChain, grab your unique name free account in the link I shared😉 New & exciting things are coming!😃

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With your happy face I am not surprised! Congrats sweetie xxx

Ahahh Thank you very much!!!😄

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They couldn't ask for a better influencer, well done and wishing you all the best :)

Hey Thank you so much!!!😉 I invite you to try it!😀 New games are coming!

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🤗 Welcome! 🙃😁

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