How feeling good helping others and investing in Cryptocurrency can work

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It’s interesting that most people begin investing in cryptocurrency because they’ve heard tales of wild profits and crypto “gold” in every trade. For every success trade story you hear there’s most likely a hundred or so that were complete fails. Most people don’t hear about those. But what if there was a way to invest in cryptocurrency and help others at the same time? What if it were possible to merge the innate desire for profit with that of helping humanity? What if there was a cryptocurrency that you could buy into with a good chance of huge gains and on the flipside helped others in need?

That is possible, with a new cryptocurrency called Equaliser.

How is this possible? Well the mission of Equaliser is to build homes and shelter for those in need and those that normally a house would be beyond their financial means. Not only is Equaliser helping those in need but it’s doing so by changing the paradigm in the way we not only buy houses but also how we design and build houses.

Equaliser is a Blockchain based solution that aims to provide affordable, strong, energy efficient and beautiful homes and accommodation. The blockchain will contain a title registry, proof of ownership and smart contract functionality. Storm shelters are also an option to be offered by Equaliser.

I’ve been searching for an investment in crytocurrency in which I can feel good about it, and track not only price rises of a coin but also how that blockchain and community is helping others.

Most crytocurrency coins out there are little more than stores of value, and have no intrinsic practical use other than a decentralised currency. And only then if there is market uptake of that particular coin as a trading and viable payment currency coin. Let’s face it 90% of cryptocurrencies are not currently useable for anything. Only the main cryptocurrency coins are offered at a small number of point of sale systems as a payment currency. The competition to have a coin added to the list of those that can be used in a payment system is massive. This is a shortcoming in the current thinking of cryptocurrencies. They are based on Blockchain technology. But Blockchain is not simply about a store of value or a potential payment system. The Blockchain can be used for other types of systems where it is beneficial to have a distributed ledger system. A good example of this is the registration of property worldwide. The Equaliser Cryptocurrency is one such system that is built on the Komodo Blockchain to provide high speed transactions with the potential for smart contracts.

“*A build is commissioned with the purchase in our coin, there is no competition between those with wealth and those that struggle to save for a deposit on a mortgage. Equaliser is non-discriminative which is how we planned Equaliser to be, just that, an Equaliser to be able to buy a home to live.

Buying Equaliser gives no one claims or rights to already established property however, rather the opportunity to purchase property we build by paying with our coin which also strengthens Equaliser’s value.

Equaliser will build energy efficient homes such as monolithic and curved structures which are hurricane and wild fire resistant. 3D Printing, shotcrete airform and aircrete are some of the techniques that will be used for building. Geodesic domes are also another building technique to be utilised.*”

So not only is Equaliser as a community committed to helping others but also changing the designs we use for building houses. Equaliser is dedicated to building sustainable housing that proves better resistant to hurricane and harsh weather conditions.

Blockchain technology holds the key to streamline a range of industries and use cases, including property and land registration. The blockchain is basically a type of shared database/ledger, the contents of which are verified and agreed upon by the network.

The Equaliser blockchain is a unified property store and real time asset transfer platform for the global property industry, herein referred to as the Equaliser Marketplace. Initially the Equaliser Marketplace will act to close the gap between legacy land registry records and consumers.

Equaliser Marketplace transactions will constitute the legal transfer of the property and the legal registration of that transfer with Equaliser (EQL) as the medium of currency for the exchange. By leveraging Equaliser Marketplace transactions and Equaliser’s smart contracts registry, unnecessary delays and impediments inherent to legacy property rights registration systems could be eliminated. The Equaliser platform seeks to enhance the security of transactions while reducing inefficiencies through its innovative use of mobile, cloud and blockchain technologies linking investors, sellers, buyers and registries around the world. The Equaliser Marketplace will make it possible for every single step of a property transaction, from the buyer’s reservation of the property to the signing of the purchase agreements for the delivery of the title deeds, to be recorded within a blockchain and executed with smart contracts via the Komodo Platform Ecosystem.

Equaliser will also give a portion of profits to a pool of funds to be used and to assist providing housing to those in need.

I’ve found the Equaliser community to be very dedicated and committed to the Equaliser goals. I love the way that Equaliser is utilising new world technology for house designs and building methods as well as home title registry and smart contracts using the Equaliser Blockchain. It’s a fantastic combination of technologies and one of the best uses of Blockchain. What Equaliser is NOT is just another coin. It is the adaptation of new technology to provide real world benefits to a large number of people globally.

If you’re like me and are interested in finding that special cryptocurrency that has an actual use case other than a store of value and has been adapted to be used as a wide useage of title registry then check out Equaliser.

Equaliser is currency trading on the Exrates exchange (EQL).

Join the Equaliser Discord for fun and chatting:

Equaliser website and whitepaper:

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