Leeroy: a decentralized social network

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If you would like to see what a decentralized social network looks like today, check out Leeroy. If you actually would like to interact with it, you'll need MetaMask and some Ether cryptocurrency.

Leeroy is a bare-bones fully decentralized Twitter clone. It's hard to use. It's slow. It is currently expensive, requiring one or two pennies to perform any action such as posting or following. Just last year, it was hard to fathom such a thing could exist at all.

However, this functionality represents the complete disintermediation of Twitter and the death knell of the ad-driven business model that every large technology company uses to extract profits from your private data and attention.

In the future, all social networks will be like Leeroy: a public utility that lives on the Internet, which leaves users in control of their data, fairly compensates content creators for their efforts, is agnostic and unopinioned as to the data that flows on top of it, fully community-owned and governed, and built for users.

Follow me on Leeroy at http://leeroy.io/jake.


Just for fun I created a Leeroy token and sent them all to http://leeroy.io/leeroy. Token here

And...I'm there!


Why wouldn't you build this on STEEM where we would get paid for using it, rather than having to pay to use it?

Yeah!!! That's one of the hope steemit has brought to us.Leeroy will ve great too

Here is a similar concept I found a while back. A twitter like platform that is integrated with steemit. As far as I understand, when they launch, everyone with a steemit account will also have a zappl account.


I look forward to it being usable on a mobile phone. I love that steemit is easily accessed on my android.

haha. Ethereum's inability to cope with microtransactions is gonna be its biggest killing flaw... Steem is the only platform at present with the necessary inflation tax model that permits this. The 'minimum balances' stuff is not as important as Dan thought, it's just the fact that the infrastructure can be monetised by paying the witnesses. But even there, there was some serious flaws (because of how the schedule doesn't churn enough to encourage any real social benefit to it, as well as causing collusive behaviour, doubled with the premine).

I'll stick to steem, and when I get Calibrae out, we'll see how poorly the Steem model goes when its fatal flaws are removed ;)

If I understand well it is a Dapp created over Ethereum... I think it will be interesting creating some similar over EOS (nop. We have steemit now).

We need of an social media like these steemit and leeroy in Brazil.

I invite you to join Akasha social network. I'm see you there, in the Brazilian community.

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