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The Internet of things ( IOT ) is the network of physical devices, vehicles, home appliances, and other items embedded with electronics , software , sensors, actuators, and connectivity which enables these things to connect, collect and exchange data.


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Device connection has been in existence since 1970s when the research about AI first began but they've been wired devices joined together by physical electrical nodes. IOT is an evolution of wired devices to wireless connections and eventually to the Internet of things. From the name "Internet of things", it can be denoted that these is the process or situation where things like home appliances , office equipments, construction tools, vocational equipment can act in their own with/without little form of interference of human activity. The first instance of IoT was a Coke machine device at Carnegie Mellon university in 1980. With the machine, any person that wants to make use if fit can easily determine if there are cold drinks available or not before approaching the machine. The first form of IoT was a machine to machine integration form which is the process whereby machines communicate without the interference from any form of human activity but by network nodes.

IOT depends on host technologies such as APIs, productive analytics, Artificial intelligence and machine learning in order for IOT to function properly. A specially designed smart device that is equipped with processors as well as other communication tools (software and hardware) to interact and establish a connection between two things (devices) by acquiring data from the environment. Just like the way the Internet is built, a google search could lead to another search engine like "" and make use of the information generated and provide to the searcher or the person making enquiry. Same goes for IOT whereby information gathered from one devices can be integrated into another.

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It is Economical;

IOT saves time and money in the sense that instead of operating these things manually by the owner or needs to employ someone to monitor it which will cost some amounts as well as time but instead, they tend to work according to how they've been programmed to thereby requiring little of no human performance.

It Enhances employee productivity :

The advent of IOT has increased the production rate of employees working in the manufacturing sector. Some menial machine activities like a good working air conditioner that regulates the weather condition of the work place to the required state, an automatic power generator that turns on immediately there's a power outage, an automatic floor wiper that cleans the working environment from time to time, a supply chain optimizer. All these help create a perfect working enviroment/condition to increase employees productivity.

It Improve customer's experience:

When 'dumb' things are equipped with the ability to interact with one another when a customer approaches it, due information about the product are provided by the IOT equiped device and customers need not to run around to acquire information somewhere else,thereby increasing customer's knowledge of the product being sold.

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IOT's privacy:

IOT isn't totally private as operation is done mostly through a centralized system and where a central authority is involved, there's greater chance of one of those who have access to users personal information to sell it to a third party for personal gains. This is one of the major issues facing IOT.

IOT security :

Anything connected to the Internet is vulnerable to cyber crimes. There have been issues of past reports about attacks in IOT devices by hackers who rendered those attacked devices useless.

Global standardization:

IOT varies with each object they are implemented in. Standards vary depending on the technological advancement of the region it's been created and where utilization takes place. Some IOT equipped objects lack global standardization that they can only be used in the region associated with them and not globally.

Estimated at billions of things/devices connected to the Internet as of now and increasing which means security and privacy concerns are also increasing. Though IOT offers convincing benefits, its downsides cannot therefore be over emphasized. That's why I bring to you IONChain.




With so much vulnerability associated with the centralized channel which is the birth channel for IOT, IONChain seeks to let power change hands and subjugate the use of blockchain technology because of the high security measures it possesses. With the world slowly shifting towards total adoption of the blockchain technology, it is not news that every new platform wants to have their label on the current trends so as to enhance alongside the whole world. The days of insecurity and no privacy is over. IONChain seeks to introduce the concept of “One Device, One Coin, One Code”. By this, global standardization the IOT networks are lacking will be integrated. The current problems of IOT networks are in the areas of data security, data circulation, data sharing and data transactions. And IONChain has laid out measures to solve this problem and pave out the way towards the future of Internet of things.

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Haven been in existence since 1999 which was the year that symbolizes the first notable mention of IOT. Total investment in 2015 was estimated at $736.9 billion and with an average growth of 15.02% annually which makes that total investment in IOT to shoot to $1289.9billion in estimate by 2020.

When using an IOT device, before initiation could commence, some information are asked to be imputed before ignition such as age, name,occupation, sex and other irrelevant and semi-personal information which could get leaked to a third-party as data input are stored in the hands of the big guns in the Internet ecosystem. User usually do not have information a out the details entered and what they are use for or how they are stored which probes the user to any form of attack.

The old world of IOT also lack interoperability, which is the capability of the IOT data to interact and function with others.
The answer to solve all these prominent issues is IONChain.

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Gartner's definition of edge computing : “Gartner defines edge computing as solutions that facilitate data processing at or near the source of data generation. For example, in the context of the Internet of Things ( IoT), the sources of data generation are usually things with sensors or embedded devices."

The introduction of edge computing by IONChain is to solve the privacy issue the IOT data world has been experiencing over the past 20years. With this piece of technology, breaching and accessing user's details will be eliminated as users will be in control of their data. “Data sharing” will be made private as user will be able to regulate who gains access to their information and how much access they can have to their data. Running Edge computing interoperable with cloud computing will change the future of IOT world.

Edge Computing Solves Problems like -bandwidth and network connectivity “ by processing data where devices are deployed rather than sending it to the core system”

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IONChain is set to implement some of the features of the blockchain technology which is decentralization. Decentralization of data enable each user to control his data and ensures its security and privacy which will hasten up the ability to integrate to devices globally.

IONChain is pitting together the solution proposed by Edge computing and blockchain to solve the most prominent issue facing IOT which is privacy and insecurity.

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There are different types of devices in the IOT world and connection limitations are placed in some devices which restrict them from being able to establish connection with other devices. The vision of IONChain is to enable interoperability of all devices by using a universal standard with the help of blockchain and Edge computing.


With the help of Edge computing, it will enable every device on the IOT network to be utilized as a mining machine.


The long term vision is to partner with global manufacturers and physically embed ID codes into all smart devices. This will act as an identifier on the IONChain network, allowing devices to be unique, secure and standardized. This will be coupled with IONChain's software in the form of: data-conversion, data processing, data packaging tools, and nodes for their IoT backbone.

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It takes hours for a transaction to be completed using blockchain because if the system being flooded by users. IONChain has adopted the use of IPFS to tackle the issue of transaction speed associated with blockchain technology.

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1 Value Generation
2 Value Verification
3 Value Evaluation
4 Value Confirmation


•. Application Layer
•. Service Layer
•. Protocol Layer
•. Smart Contract Layer
•. Blockchain Layer
•. Data Storage Layer

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Dapps are changing the present and future of industries and organizations. For example, "The Safe Network" is focused on creating the highest form of security for all Internet users. When DAPPS like this are integrated on a global scale for use with smart devices under IONChain , it will further solve the insecurity issues of IOT.

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• Stephen is a car manufacturer and for the past 9 months, there have been complaints about their product having default and this is making them lose the goodwill they've built for years. A friend that works in the same line of businesses he does, introduced him to IOT and the beauty of it. He explains how it works and the benefits and weakness associated with it. Stephen couldn't take the risk as the insecurity and privacy really gave him the chills no matter how sweet the idea sounded. His findings later brought him to IONChain. Now Stephen embed IOT under IONChain into the cars he built and this has helped his customers in smart cars,avail accidents, predict maintenance issues and many more.

• Abel owns a a shipping company. As known to many that ships are associated with sea perils and this makes many cargo movers consider and carefully predict when to move their goods. Abel is an up to date business man and he has already started making use of IOT for about 5 years. His data has witnessed attacks about 3 times since he stared using it. He has considered dropping the use of IOT but the advantages it offers outweighs the disadvantages until he cane across IONChain. Now Abel can fully resume the use of IOTs to optimise everything from engine performance and safety to logistics and supply chain management.

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With IONChain in place to solve all the latency in the traditional IOT era, this will further hasten the mass adoption of the use of IOT and in turn increases the total estimated investment to exceed even $1289.9 billion by Q2020. .

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IONChain Website
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