Graphics Design for Streamity and Streamity's StreamDesk

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Streamity is a platform for cryptocurrencies and is focused to the idea of Peer to Peer exchanges. It is used to exchange crуptоcurrеncy for any type of money as to send cash to a mobile. This exchanges will be done by Streamity's StreamDesk. StreamDesk is the very first ever platform for exchanging crуptоcurrеncy for fiat money and is using "smart contract" where it allows users to trade without intermediaries, third parties or escrow services.

To represent the Streamity's main goal or service, seen below are two hands, one hand has a fiat money or real money currencies and the other has a cryptocurrency coins. It symbolizes the trading or exchanging of cryptocurrency into fiat money which is the main goal of Streamity and its app SteamDesk performs its main goal. Below the hands, there are icons in which it explains some features of Streamity's StreamDesk.

Since StreamDesk is the main service of Streamity which is cryptocurrency exchanging using smart contracts to ensure security, I designed an Infographics of the User-Case of the Streamity's StreamDesk. To know more about it, click here


  • Buying Cryptocurrencies Using Streamity's StreamDesk

With Streamity's StreamDesk, third parties or intermediaries are not needed. It uses a smartcontract wherein it facilitates the terms of aggrement between the buyer and the seller. It only release funds to both parties if the buyer and the seller had already sent the exact amount of money or cryptocurrency. With that smartcontract, it is more secured and be more cost efficient because escrow services are not used. Knowing this, people will not be hesitant to buy cryptocurrencies with the use of Streamity's StreamDesk.


  • Advantages of Streamity's StreamDesk Over Its Competitors

    Many problems are present right now with regards to the buying or selling of cryptocurrency. One of which is the high fees of escrow services. It is a disadvantage in which some platforms have and StreamDesk do not have. So in this infographic, I present the advantages of StreamDesk. There are 4 advantages of StreamDesk; it has low fees, uses smartcontract, fixed rates of cryptocurrencies and freedom of community. These four advantages makes Streamity's StreamDesk more secured, cost effiecient and an easy to use in buying and selling .cryptocurrency.


This is my entry to @MediaWorks' Graphics Design Contest: Streamity

For more information about Streamity, kindly click the links here:
Streamity Website
Streamity OnePager
Streamity WhitePaper
Streamity YouTube
Streamity Facebook
Streamity Medium
Streamity Twitter
Streamity Telegram
Streamity BitcoinTalk



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