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Being rebellious isn't necessarily having long hair, doing drugs and breaking the law. I believe it's quite the opposite. It's being healthy and taking care of yourself, using your money wisely and investing it, not surrounding yourself with energy draining people, or those inconsiderate people that don't answer their phone, respond to your texts or messages when you can clearly see they read it. Being well studied in your field and performing well above average, and making something of yourself instead of wasting your life away on being just another consumer, or part of the herd that camps out in front of Best Buy on Black Friday. I don't believe it's being anti establishment either, I believe it's carving your own way without having to depend on the establishment at all.

I believe the 'revelution' will be made through people you’ll never suspect. Not the ones shouting things out on the streets or making a point to stand out. Perhaps the ones that are going to rise to the occasion are always flying under the radar. Maybe you are one of these people. Better yet, maybe you are and just haven't realized it because you haven't been given your opportunity to take a stand or make a difference when the timing is crucial. Just because you fit in where you work now, or play the role as someone who doesn't go against the grain, you may have a situation you don't expect come along and force you into a place where you have to go against the grain and become something you never thought you were. It's not over yet..

Just like the snakes in suits that set up the corrupt system, it may be another suit that tears it down from the inside. The corruption is at an all time high and all it takes is one whistle blower or agent in the right position to stop a world war.

I'm curious to see how it all goes down. It’s happening now. And even though there are signs everywhere, we can only see a portion of the brand spectrum. Things are heating up all over the world, and I'm not just talking about climate change.

Blockchain is only the beginning and I believe we are a part of history in the making here on steemit. Slowly dismembering the same old rusty system that has been fool proof for so long. Soon enough the world will be run and monitored by conscious, ethical people in large numbers, so there will be no way for one person to run with the money. There will be too many checkpoints.

It is indeed an exciting time to be alive. Can you feel it as you create your content? Read others content and realize this is way bigger than just posting pics and writing rants??? There is a huge community here of the most intelligent people on the planet using blockchain technology and respecting and supporting each other like never before. I love upvoting and rewarding great content. I love reading the "introduce yourself" posts to find out who else is joining us. I don't spend as much time on here as I'd like to to, but I do love it here.

Maybe I'm way off and making no sense, but this is a random writing that I was flowing with while on my break. My content isn't the best at this time, but it's getting better all the time the more I read and write. I didn't graduate high school, so this is practice for me. Again, thanks for reading.

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