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Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology has cleared route to an entirely different conceptual understanding of decentralization. This does not simply pose a test to the conventional point of view of the way transactions are been carried out but also yet centers around dispensing with the escape clauses joined with the existing platforms. This goes to demonstrate how exceptional the blockchain innovation has gone, and furthermore, how it has had the option to lessen worldwide limits by offering an opportunity at having a substitute and improved future for the entire world.

By the temperance of experience and significant perception of the patterns in blockchain and cryptocurrency innovation throughout the years, one can really say that it is an innovation with the capacity to take out the costly middle people inside the financial circles of money/electronic payment gateway and the uniqueness is in no uncertainty yet time has uncovered the requirement for a blockchain technology with better scalability of system, higher speed of transaction, minimal effort of exchanges on the grounds that having this issues explained will revive the waning enthusiasm of crypto-fan which will at that point convert into a general public with all around created inventive innovation with a global scale, a considerably more productive blockchain structures will make life a lot simpler and intriguing.

Blockchain is growing no question about that , however there are some sure issues of which blockchain needs to address untill when we can ensure an ideal environment for new clients that is verified, scalability, swift and seamless blockchain transaction speed probably won't get the much wanted reception it longs for.

The following are some issue of blockchain and Temtum network have answer for them

Solution to Scalability

So as to make blockchain scaleable, expanding the block size or diminishing the block time its high significant however now and again its insufficient. The time expend for exchanges approval for blockchain transaction can be progressively because of the way that there are numerous transactions going on at that specific time. Temtum network way of improving this invloves them lessening the transaction time. Temtum house a significant instrument that address this. TEMTUM network offers the best scalable solution.


Everybody needs to complete transaction faster. Temtum system will lessen inertness. Temtum speed is less influenced by individuals utilizing it by then. Temtum network can guarantee 120k transaction per second. It happens that the speed of the Temtum blockchain can not be seen in this crypto space. It's the fastest network ever seen in this space.

Security solution

security for each activities is of central significance. The Temporal Blockchain isn't constrained to simply improving scalability yet additionally verifies the Blockchain blocks. Because of the NIST reference point which makes it impossible for hacking and other type of processing.

For more details about the project please visit the following links
Website https://temtum.com
Whitepaper https://temtum.com/downloads/temtum-whitepaper.pdf
Telegram https://t.me/temtumcommunity
Twitter https://twitter.com/wearetemtum

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