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Krios is a suitable answer for issues confronting the advertising industry.

Using the blockchain and Ethereum smart contract innovation, the Krios ecosystem offers a safe and transparent way to direct showcasing exercises, for example, making promoting substance or acquiring notice space on a site page.

Krios is exploiting Ethereum's smart contract gauges to give all gatherings engaged with promoting efforts with a reasonable, transparent, modest and snappy approach to arrange and carry out transactions.

Krios' point is to make a ground-breaking and practical across the board arrangement that takes into account assorted advertising needs, while keeping up effortlessness and usability. Krios drives the disruption of a multi-billion-dollar industry by assuming responsibility in giving duty and responsibility, while expanding ROI for sponsors.

The intensity of online networking and the utilization of affiliate marketing is growing across the board and keeps on prospering as organizations reliably acknowledge extravagant benefits through the astute and effective procedure of associating with important influencers.

Krios objectives

To help organizations to understand their potential with the least difficult, best and minimal effort computerized advertising arrangement. To be the world's driving internet based promotional platform. By 2021, we expect to make up more than 10% of the business.

Present challenges

As a business, in the event that you are hoping to do a promotion, assembling a group who work together consummate collaboration can be dreary as coordination among a few platforms, errands, and benefactors can incredibly convolute the procedure.

Discovering subsidiaries and promoting colleagues who represent considerable authority in your statistic can be troublesome and tedious

As an influencer or online networker specialist, how would you look for some kind of employment?

Krios Solution to the above problems

Krios has the required solutions, with krios you can make a full-scale promoting group particular to your task, and afterward oversee and arrange the marketing campaign, all at a small amount of the normal expense.

Krios offers an easy, streamlined process that takes into account an organization's differing promotional needs, while keeping up productivity and convenience.

Reasons why krios is the right place for you

Secure, private and decentralized

managing an account or money issues is eradicated

Smart contracts – work and installment ensured

Manufacture a full, specific promoting group

Spend all on one platform

Krios platform token

KriosCoin ('KRI') is an ERC20 standard token built on Ethereum blockchain. KRI stipends clients access to the Krios Network community and takes into account a safe, private and decentralized technique for affirming and directing the transactions inside the system. KriosCoin is an utility token that can be used as a unit of record between promoters, distributers, content makers and organizations in another blockchain-based, advanced publicizing and administrations platform.

Krios platform ico is over and the KriosCoin is already trading on exchange.

****Krios team***
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